How to turn dinner leftovers into a delicious breakfast!


Ok so I know this sounds kind of insane but you HAVE to trust me on this one. You can make amazingly yummy and super nutritious pancakes out of your leftover spaghetti squash. They’re SO good. I personally like them better than James’ famous blueberry banana pancakes because these feel more like “real” pancakes to me and they don’t have that banana flavor that I’m not always in the mood for.

But I digress…
In case you’re living under a rock, you know that there is this super yummy alternative to pasta that tastes nothing like actual pasta but that looks like spaghetti and actually tastes good enough with your favorite pasta accouterment that you just kinda pretend like it’s real pasta. Enter spaghetti squash. The best way to make it (in my opinion) is as follows:



Simply roasted Spaghetti Squash (about 4 servings)


What you’ll need:

1 medium spaghetti squash (about 3.5 lbs)
olive oil for drizzling
salt & pepper

How to do it:

Preheat oven to 400º. Cut the spaghetti squash in half, lengthwise (see above for cutting tips- they can be a bitch to cut) and scrape the seeds out with a spoon. Drizzle the inside of each half with some olive oil and gently rub it in. Season with salt and pepper and place on a parchment lined baking sheet- cut side down. Bake for about 35- 40 min until you can easily pierce the skin with a fork and the squash is tender.
Place on a cooling rack and let cool for enough that you can handle it. Scrape all the insides out with a fork- the strands will resemble spaghetti.

That’s it! So easy. On this particular occasion I just topped it with some turkey meat sauce and a little pecorino and James, Jon and I ate it all up. Well, not all! I always save some for pancakes the next morning. It’s probably my favorite part about making it for dinner!


Ok now on to the good stuff!

These pancakes are SO yummy and fluffy and the texture from the spaghetti squash is just so satisfying. I really love these and hope you’ll try them! They’re gluten free, grain free, and junk free and they really hit the spot.
ssp.003 ssp.004



Spaghetti Squash Pancakes (2 servings)

What you’ll need:

1 cup cooked spaghetti squash
1/4 cup almond flour
2 eggs
1 tsp softened vanilla bean ghee (or your butter of choice) plus more for the pan

How to do it:

Just stir it all up really well and pour about 1/4 cup scoops of batter into a hot pan with a little butter or ghee in it. Cook about 2-3 minutes and flip- just as you would traditional pancakes. Continue to cook until done and serve with your favorite maple syrup or whatever toppings your little heart desires. Enjoy!!



Quick and Easy- Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

I get so many messages about what I feed James and how I have the time or energy to feed him the way I do… but the truth is, a lot of times I need quick and easy meals that are at least mostly healthy. I try not to give him empty calories while giving him a variety of foods. I make an effort to only buy him organic non GMO food, but I’m not an insane person about it. If we’re out and I need to feed him lunch I’ll try to order as healthy a meal as I can- usually avoiding the kids menu since that’s almost always pasta with butter, chicken tenders, or grilled cheese and french fries. NO JUDGEMENTS for those of you feeding your kids “kid stuff”. Nutrition is just something that’s super important to me and I want to teach him healthy eating habits now and try to avoid having a picky eater later. It’s easy to go for what is traditionally considered easy, but here are some of my easy but healthy favorites as alternatives.

Breakfast Bowl

Yes, I know this looks fancy, but it’s really not! It’s super quick but so yummy, and it’s a meal I can switch up a little here and there to keep it exciting. It literally takes a maximum of 5 minutes- and thats including washing and cutting up fresh fruit as a topping. If I’m not in a rush I’ll use thawed frozen fruit that I purée myself, but this post is about quick and easy!

First, I use my instant kettle to boil a little water to add to the oatmeal. This is optional but I think it helps with the texture.
Then I just mix in a packet of Happy Baby organic baby food (I love this brand but you can obviously use whichever brand you like) Then I cut up and add fruit depending on the packet I use. I use fresh organic fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, blackberries or bananas. I also like to add a little bit of hemp seeds for added protein and omegas! Plus they look pretty.

Thats it! Enjoy.


Avocado Egg Salad

avocado egg saladThis is something I used to always make for myself pre-James as a healthier alternative to egg salad. I just adjusted the portions here for a little baby tummy and omitted the truffle salt I add when making it for me. (SO yummy btw) It’s super easy, yummy, and yes- healthy. You just mash the above ingredients together and serve alone or on top of a slice of your favorite toasted bread. I love this little Nuk food masher. I use it to quickly and cleanly mash up and serve all kinds of stuff. Serve with a side of veggies or fruit. Or don’t.


Not Really Cheese or Pasta Cheesy Pasta

healthy kids pasta


I don’t like empty calories, like I said- so when a friend told me about this amazing line of not-really-pasta-pastas, I had to check it out. We love the red lentil, black bean, and green lentil pastas. I love that they are a full serving of veggies in each bowl and James loves that they are food.
You can serve these just like you’d serve your favorite traditional pastas- with tomato sauce and veggies or meat sauce… whatever! But when I’m in a rush I like to keep it simple and just toss the pasta with a spoonful of ghee and then sprinkle it with a generous helping of nutritional yeast. If you’re not familiar with nutritional yeast, it’s really amazing. It has a tangy almost cheesy flavor and is a source of complete protein and vitamins, in particular B-complex vitamins. It contains folates, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and zinc, making it a great superfood! Plus it’s super yummy. I like to use it like you’d use a can of parmesan cheese back before we knew better than to eat cheese from a green can. I sprinkle it on steamed or grilled veggies, on top of salads, as a popcorn topping… the possibilities are endless!


So there you go… quick AF little meal plan for you. I hope you enjoy these recipes and find ways to tweak them and make them your own. Don’t be shy to comment with your opinion if you try any of these!!




A Few of Our Favorite Things…


I get asked a lot about the various products I use when it comes to meal time so I threw together this list of our everyday favorites…

james' faves (food).001


Ok, lets start with the bibs. (CLICK HERE)
These are the only brand I like to use because A) let’s be honest, it’s because they’re the cutest. They come in twenty something different styles- all cute- so there’s one for every personality. More importantly (I guess) is B) They catch most of the food James drops so there is hardly any cleanup for mommy after even the messiest of meals. They’re especially great at restaurants because it really limits the amount of food on the floor. That’s the most embarrassing thing about trying to eat at a “normal” restaurant with your kid. The total destruction and chaos left on the floor in your kiddos wake. Well, that and the high pitch screeching noise they make when they want your water glass, but “no Jamesey I don’t want you to put your cracker in my water. This is Mommy’s water.” Just me? Ok whatever.

On to the plates. (CLICK HERE) and (HERE)
I love these because they stick, by suction, to the highchair tray or table. HA!! I secretly love when James tries to pick up and throw his plate or bowl and when he goes to do it its stuck. I’ll admit I’ve laughed out victoriously more times than I should have. They’re made of silicone so you don’t have to worry about harmful plastic chemicals and they’re super easy to clean. Are you seeing a theme here?
Although those are my everyday plates we LOVE this DJ plate because of how cute it looks in photos. Plus James gets a kick out of spinning his little record plate around.

The Utensils. (CLICK HERE)
Nothing super special here other than they’re super cheap and they are the perfect size for fat little baby hands!

The Secret Weapon! (CLICK HERE)
Ok, not so secret since all my mom friends have one but still. It’s pretty awesome. I started using this baby when James started on foods at 6months. It’s a great little kitchen gadget that both steams and purees food in one little package. I still use it for things like cauliflower mash and to steam veggies quickly. I also use it to chop up bigger veggies quickly or to make fruit purees for James’ oatmeal.

This is the cup that’s our current fave. (CLICK HERE)
We also have the Zoli and the Munchkin cups but they both have little stopper things that slow down the flow of liquid, which is great for littler babies but James is a whopping 14 1/2 months so he’s not messing with that baby crap anymore. When he wants his water he wants it NOW. No patience. This one, like the other 2, has a weighted straw which is great and limits frustration.

This is our highchair and we love it. (CLICK HERE)
Yes it’s kinda fancy and it’s not cheap but it looks good and it reclines all the way back- for naps in the highchair?? It also has wheels which is great when your kid is over all his toys and you’re trying to be creative so you stick him in the highchair and push him around the house making ambulance noises.
Whatever, it was a gift and it’s rad. Add it to your registry and let someone spoil you!


Hope this little guide is helpful! Please feel free to comment on anything you’d like me to post about. :)




Jamesey’s Famous Blueberry Banana Pancakes

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in like 2 years. Hi! Good to see you again :)


For those who have been following me on Instagram through the years, you know that my life is totally different these days. I’m more about making meals for my 14 month old son, James, than I am about shopping for shoes- something I used to do on a weekly basis.

I’ve been meaning to blog again. Almost every day I think of an idea for a new post and wonder how I could squeeze it into my day, and every time I just find that another day has passed without a post. I have shit to do! I have a babies life to sustain! No biggie…

There’s also the annoying fact that I am both a perfectionist and very self-critical. Bad combo. I think of a post in my head and then a hundred excuses as to why I can’t do it come flooding in behind that idea. The pictures won’t be good enough! People want to see shoes not baby stuff! My blog is outdated! Should I change my name from The Shoe Girl to The Kind of Boring Stressed Out Mom Who Rarely Cares About Her Footwear These Days? (Nah, that’s too long)

But today I decided, screw it! There are actually more people messaging me on my IG page these days asking questions about mommy stuff than EVER messaged me about shoes. And these pancakes, something I make for James several times a week, are one of the things I get asked about the most. They’re incredibly easy to make and James loves them. And since they’re gluten free, grain free and with no added sugar, they’re great for babies and dieters alike! Score.

blueberry banana pancakes


Blueberry Banana Pancakes (1 serving- about 3 small pancakes)

What you’ll need:

1/2 ripe banana

1 egg (I use Vital Farms organic pasture raised eggs)

blueberries (I prefer frozen organic wild blueberries since wild blueberries are way higher in antioxidants)


butter or ghee for the pan (I love using 4th & Heart vanilla bean ghee)


How to do it:

In a small bowl, mash up the banana very well so as little chunks as possible remain. Add one egg, beaten well and combine to make “batter”.

Pour 1/3 of the batter into lightly buttered pan on medium heat (I use a small measuring cup to pour the batter in so that I can control the shape of the pancake and keep them looking roundish) and cook for about 2 min or until stiff enough to flip. If you’re using blueberries sprinkle them on top before flipping. Flip and continue to cook for another minute or 2. By now your child is probably freaking out and pulling at your leg, but worry not! You’re almost done. Repeat for the remaining batter and voila!

THATS IT!! Easy peasy.





I suppose you could tweak this simple recipe and add whatever fruit you like. Chunks of more banana, strawberries, chocolate chips? I’ve added a little peanut butter before and omitted the blueberries. Very yummy!

We never add syrup to these because they are already naturally sweet from the banana, but if you are so inclined- go for it.


I hope you and/or your kiddo likes these. I also hope to be on here more often to share my favorite mommy stuff with you all. Thanks for checking out the blog and please feel free to leave comments and let me know what kind of stuff you’d like to read about.

Love you all!



My Custom Made Wedding Shoes!

wedding shoes.001My beautiful and gifted friend, Lucia Roman offered to design me some wedding shoes and I’m not an idiot so of course I said yes! Lucia is our L.A.M.B. designer and is responsible for the designs of some of my favorite shoes in our companies history! She’s crazy talented so I knew I was in good hands…wedding shoes.002She sketched up several options and we picked the four that we liked best. Those four were made into prototypes and then the winner was made for me to wear on my wedding day! This beautiful pearl encrusted bootie was perfect in every shoes.003wedding shoes.004Thank you so much Lucia!!! I love them and am happy that they will forever be a part of the memory of the best day of my life!!!