I Think I’m Feelin’ Creepers…

No, this isn’t another April fools joke. It’s just that sometimes I get these feelings about trends. Sometimes I feel like they come out of nowhere, and sometimes I know they enter my brain subconsciously from all the shopping and research I do. THIS trend however… well, I’m just not sure.
I know that Creepers showed up in men’s ready to wear recently, but I don’t think I saw them on women. I dunno, even looking at the picture above I can’t help but think “hmmmm, I dunno” but a bigger part of me is saying YES! Maybe it comes from the men’s oxford trend that I just can’t seem to back. They are too masculine for this girly girl. And I realize that these Creepers may be just as masculine, but at least it’s in a more punkish and unexpected way. Where women are paring the men’s style oxfords with dresses and wide leg trousers, I see myself in these paired with a super skinny jean, a latex legging, or even a high waisted mini!
I haven’t worn or even thought about wearing Creepers since my ‘I think I’m a rebel’ phase in high school. But again, I have a feeling about them. The difference I guess is that in high school I would wear the super chunky round toe high up platform version. I actually hated the low pointy ones. But now, those are the ones I’m feeling. Hmmmm.
Well, anyway, I went out and bought me a pair at a favorite high school shopping spot, Electric Chair. When I went in there was actually a kid who was obviously there on Spring break cause he had an obvious Jersey tan that those boys are famous for, along with the disgusting moose hair do. He was asking about getting a tongue piercing and almost ran the eff out. Sorry, I digress. So now I have these Creepers and I’m not sure what to do with them. Ben (hubby) hates them, which I was sure he would, but I’m determined to prove him (and any of you nay-sayers) WRONG. So when I come up with the perfect “creeper outfit” I’ll be sure to take a photo and post it. I have these high wasted charcoal grey skinny pants that I haven’t worn yet that I think may work well. ;)
I hope you are all enjoying my little blog. Sometimes I feel like nobody is reading and that the 200 something hits I’ve gotten are just Ben being super supportive. Please don’t be shy about commenting, you can do it anonymously.

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  • Rebel Apr.23.2008, 11:49 pm

    creepers are definately coming in. my ex boyfriend has been wearing them for ages and has a great pair that are black with a leopard skin toe if that makes sense. but i think i would also wear them if i could find the right pair. great blog and im also a little bit in love with those lanvin flats.

  • benjamin Apr.07.2008, 8:28 pm

    i just never really understood creepers… i’m not saying they’re awful or that i hate ‘em, i just think they’re not my style…

    when i was growing up in the 80’s-90’s the kids that wore creepers just weren’t my type. i was more of a monkey boot, desert boot, chuck taylor kinda dude. the creeper person reminds me of goth/ska/spencers gifts… i’m more mod/punk/dunkin’ donuts.

    well you are pretty spot on with trends so i’m not gonna knock it.

  • kelly Apr.06.2008, 3:15 am

    i am reading it!

  • Rosalind Apr.04.2008, 5:40 pm

    Your hubby was the one that introduced me to your blog, so I can say that I am at least 5 of those hits a week. I an a shoe nut and just receintly fell in love with a pair in China and had to bring them home with me….. so I can identify with your Creeper facination…. I have a couple that I loved, bought and have not been able to wear yet because I am still looking for the perfect outfit.
    I totally support your cause, keep up the awsome work!

  • TheShoeGirl Apr.04.2008, 4:58 am

    thank you so much! It means a lot that you like it.
    I’m a lucky girl and I love sharing my experiences and oppinions ;)

  • Sara Apr.04.2008, 12:20 am

    Just found your blog and I like it a lot, I think i’ll add it to my ever growing list of feeds. I’m pretty jealous of your career and life.

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