Adventures in Public Speaking

Sooooooo… I don’t consider myself a good public speaker ’cause when I get in front of a room full of people I tend to babble on and on and act like a total dork. That said, I also can’t say no to one of my favorite teachers of all time when she asks that I do exactly that.
Said teacher, Chris Amaral, was my teacher in a few of my classes in the fashion program over at Orange Coast College. One of those classes is a Careers in Design class (now in the awesome new art center building) where she asks various people from different design positions to come in and speak to her class and answer questions. There were a few students interested in shoe design specifically so I agreed to come in. I brought Ben in as well since Chris knows and loves him from his days at PF. 
**side note… The first time I met Ben was when I was in this same class and we took a tour of Paul Frank Industries. Ben gave us a tour of the art dept. Crazy!! :)
So anyway, I spoke to the students and was really excited to meet young people interested in shoe design! There are so few designers out there and there really is a need for them. When people think of fashion design they usually think of apparel, but if you have a knack for it, there really is a need for new young designers in the footwear industry. 
I loved walking around the art center looking at the student’s art work. It’s so inspiring and exciting to see young people finding themselves through their creativity. Anyway, if you have a school near you with an art program I highly recommend walking around and checking things out. If I have the time in the near future (doubtful) I’d love to go back and take an art class for fun. I almost forgot how much that helps “the process”. I’m so stuck in my shoe bubble that I almost forgot how much fun painting and life drawing was.
Something to think about all you creative minds out there! ;)

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  • d Oct.14.2008, 11:11 pm

    This is definitely something I’d love to get a chance to dip into! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m on the same page as you at the moment though… not enough time. =( SOON, and someday though ;)

  • dtigerlily86 Oct.09.2008, 4:23 pm

    fundamentals are always a blast, it’s fun to mess around with art. anyways it was awesome meeting you and it’s the akward that makes you way fun to hear speak. You are amazing..and inspiring…keep giving your inspiration…love and peace…deb.

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