Click click, bang bang!

So a few people have written me to ask my opinion on these Chanel gun-heel shoes (recently seen on Madonna). 

My opinion is that Karl Lagerfeld took the term “I’d KILL for those heels” a little too literally. 
No, I’m totally kidding.
Seriously though, We actually had a designer at Titan a few years ago named Dara Young who made a gun-heeled shoe that was amazing. She totally did it first and I remember people thinking it was nuts. I also remember that there was a cost issue with the shoe, but if your name is Chanel, I suppose cost isn’t an issue. 
Anyway, I think its great. I love statement shoes and these are pretty hot. I back um.

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  • SC Oct.29.2008, 10:23 pm

    lovesssssssss them!

    i need a pair! ;)

  • d Oct.26.2008, 4:06 am

    I can’t stop staring.

    -still not sure if that’s a good thing…

  • S Oct.25.2008, 11:02 pm

    Too funny! When I saw these shoes the first thing I thought was “I wonder what Celine thinks of them!”

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