Ground Control to Major Tom…

Balenciaga has gone mad. And not in a good way.

Sorry B, but these shoes are shitteous. I am not digging the trend towards pointy toes. Let’s leave that trend in 2003 shall we? I do NOT miss them. Almost the entire Chloe fall 09 runway show had these weird pointy toes. I really don’t get it. I mean, I do realize that trends go in opposites (ex: super skinny jeans one year, HUGE flairs the next) but these are just not flattering. I want my feet to look smaller, not bigger and witchier. 
Anway, I don’t like these and I can’t imagine why you would, but if you do, please tell me WHY.

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  • Anonymous Jun.05.2009, 8:47 am

    Pointy toes are popular because the tapering shape visual lengthens legs. It’s a shape that will never go away and I’d expect a shoe “designer” to understand that.

    But these are not witchy, unless you’re thinking space witch. The panelling and contrasting materials on these is breathtaking – and the rubber platform makes them pretty comfortable, too.

  • Roz Nov.08.2008, 2:58 am

    I was just telling my boyfriend the same thing about the witchy shoes! I agree completely.

    Hope you have a great flight home :)

  • Dexter Nov.07.2008, 8:22 pm

    Interesting what you write here, I thought you’d like them. I like pointy toes, however, I don’t have to wear any of those. I’ve no idea what other guys think about this topic, but I certainly think they are more exciting.
    After a 5-6 year break, are pointy toes back? Time will tell:)

  • TokyoBunnie Nov.07.2008, 7:27 am

    don’t forget about Kukula’s solo show opening at Copro Nason this weekend!! <3

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