Guess Where I DIDN’T Go Yesterday…

To the private sale at Christian Louboutin

I am being so good it’s stupid. I really need to cut back on the almost $1000 a pair shoe habit I’ve got and I’ve been pretty good. The last pair of shoes I bought were those Jinny Kim boots that I returned ’cause they turned out to be heinous in person.
So anyway- my lovely sales person Patrick called to make an appointment for me to come in for the sale and I was going to go with my friend Heidi (she’s the only friend I know who can keep up with my shopping habits) but she couldn’t make it on Thursday so I took it as a sign. 
Anyway- a big toot of my own horn. A pat on my own back. Woop-de-doo.
I’m broke and just have to admit it. At least there’s TopShop and Forever21 and Urban Outfitters. And do I REALLY need another statement shoe this season? I have the Trib2 and the freakin Louboutin loafer double platform thingy. And apparently my Balenciaga knock off is still covetable according to Miss Rumi (who JUST blogged about ordering them for herself). Coincidence? I think NOT.

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