Valentines Schmalentines…

I for one, am not a big fan of Valentine’s day. It’s pretty silly and I think it puts a lot of pressure on dudes and they hate it most of the time. It’s kind of a selfish holiday, no?

Plus, my baby’s nice to me every day, so I don’t need a holiday for that. ;)
ANYWAY, enough self-righteous ranting. hahaha
Though I’m apposed to the holiday, I’m always up for a theme and a reason to wear something to go with it. I love gaudy Christmas sweaters and Halloween costumes, and on Valentines Day… I go for the girly hearts and pink, white and red.
Here’s my first attempt at using Polyvore.

hearts on shoes

Yay! I went into McQueen yesterday and saw those hot pink heart peep toes in person. I think the heart opening is a little too big and I hate when there’s too much toe action going on. 

I still love that Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoe (the pink one with the black hearts) but won’t get them ’cause Pamela Anderson kinda ruined them for me. 

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  • Anonymous Feb.06.2009, 9:14 pm

    Finally someone else who thinks Valentine’s Day is Ridiculous!

  • mira Feb.06.2009, 4:26 am

    i concur. too much toe action is like giving it up on the first date

  • evie Feb.06.2009, 3:58 am

    I hate when someone ruins something for me. Although when it comes to shoes, I pretty much go with whatever I like despite it all. Wait… except for gladiator sandals. I love my glads but don’t wear them as often because a certain group of girls are ruining it for me!!! :p

  • Anonymous Feb.06.2009, 2:41 am

    Its still sooo cute though!! Get them! And who remembers her wearing them anyway…(I kind of do to be honest but would totally forget once on my feet) hehe

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