Christmas Parties: Part 1

One of my favorite things about the holidays? Dressing up and going to parties of course!

The first Holiday party of the season was at our amazingly awesome friend Kelley’s house, Xanadu. Yes, Kelley and her hubby Kyle have named their home Xanadu. Amazing.
Anyway- it was really fun and some of the evening include but are not limited to:
  • Delicious food
  • Gay cupcakes
  • Gay wardrobe change
  • Paper crowns
  • Booze
  • Good people
  • Good times
Lemmie just show you-

Our lovely hostess, prepping the chicken and waffle appetisers
Argh! Parker Jacobs!
Miss Tracy and her beautiful paper crown
Pedro made the gayest cupcakes ever! They were delish! (Unicorn cupcakes and rainbow cupcakes)
My husband in his hetero outfit…
Pedro and I

Ben and Pedro… after a little change.

Yikes babe. Big thank you Pedro for the lovely underwear modeling.
Ben… no.
I fell over in shock. Ok so I fell off the couch cause my pants were slippery and I had some drinks.

(sweater- BP, pants- American Apparel, boots- Rosegold)
Amazing kick off to some fun holiday parties! Thanks Kyle and Kelly!!

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