I just want to share some of my favorite shoes on sale right now! I’m so excited about how many great shoes there are for 40% off! AHHHH!

This is a great everyday sexy basic and at this price would be a great first pair of Louboutins. $509 from $855

I saw these on a girl running around in New York and they looked amazing on her. They aren’t really my style but I like them a lot. By Prada for $409 from $690

Again, not technically my style but they look great on Jane from Sea of Shoes so I back them. By Prada at $449 from $750

These are great- I love the crepe sole and the open/closed style. By Prada for $359 from $595

So high and sexy! These Fendi’s are $469 from $779

These are the same as mine and VB’s but in a really pretty snake. Fendi’s at $449 from $750

I love these YSL T-straps. Especially at $539 from $895!

And these boots are really testing me right now. I can’t get them but boy do I want to! They were sold out within the company (ysl) so I don’t know how they are on sale! Get them while they last! They’re $839 from $1395

If you’re looking for a real statement shoe I don’t think you get much better than this. Still a lot at $1049 but a deal from $1750!

I have these Bottega Veneta shoes and love them. They are super cute and girly while being comfortable. Bonus! Now $409 from $690

For you sluts out there these boots are perfect! Haha! Now at $959 from $1595. I still love them!

So these are definitely a love them or hate them kind of boot, but if you love them, they’re now $409 from $690

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  • rkm. Dec.09.2009, 5:59 pm

    i wanna have them all! shoes shoes shoes!! shoes are my/our religion :)

    greetings from vienna,


  • Anonymous Dec.08.2009, 5:47 pm

    Drooling over the Alexander Wangs

  • Clarissa Dec.07.2009, 5:09 pm

    i love the YSL T-strap shoes!

  • T-Charry Dec.07.2009, 3:12 am

    the 2 pairs of Fendi’s are my FAVES!
    The heel on the close-toed black are AWESOME, love that!
    And I LOVE a sling-back heel, so feminine! The T-strap YSL’s are cute too!

  • SEH Dec.06.2009, 10:38 pm

    thankfully barneys is sold out of the fendi’s in my size! i’ll go to fendi on friday to check out if london (uk) sales have begun

  • Tiffany* Dec.06.2009, 10:11 pm

    Great shoe picks!! Love your Fendi’s and I love your blog! Those YSL Imperiale Wedge boots are on sale at net-a-porter.com Not sure what size you wear or what color you wanted them in but they have a few left on sale-here’s the link


  • Jacqueline Dec.06.2009, 8:06 pm

    I have those black Fendis and they are so hot. I love the Pradas too! Great post.


  • Ditte Dec.06.2009, 7:48 pm

    Those black Fendi’s are insane!

  • TheBeautyFile Dec.06.2009, 7:40 pm

    I love the Pradas and YSL…I heard Prada stores everywhere are having a 40% off sale too!

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