What’s Up, Bra…?

Ok so I’ve been completely obsessed with fluorescent lace bras ever since I saw Gwen Stefani rocking the shit out of them. She’s been wearing them almost every time I see her and I love how bright they are.

gwen stefan bra


Now that I think about it, Gwen is sort of famous for showing her bras right? Remember girls studding their bra straps in the 90’s to be like Gwen?? Totally.

Well, after looking for the past year (I do not exaggerate) without finding anything nearly bright enough I finally got the nerve to just ask her what brand of bra her brights were. I sent her an email and to my excitement, she answered right away! Her answer…? She wears Deborah Marquit’s fluorescent lace bras. Yay!

I’m still on a mission to find a cheaper version but I have yet to find one. These look so great under all the sheer tops I’m seeing for Spring. I’ll definitely keep you posted if I find anything half as fabulous as these!


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