Save My Sole!

A few months ago a company called Kushyfoot contacted me about sending me samples of their products. Being the shoe whore shoe lover that I am, I told them that I would gladly check them out… well I sure am glad I did!
The product that I thought would be the most useful for me were their Flats to Go. They’re super easy to stuff in even the smallest handbags and are a total life saver when you need them. They’re a no-brainer and I wish I would have thought of them first!

I had them with me in my bag at all times during Fashion Week in New York in case of a shoe-mergency. 

They look Ok though I definitely wouldn’t wear them as shoes on purpose. They’re not ugly, just not “real” footwear and though they don’t seem durable enough to last forever, at only $9 a pair… who cares! They get the job done. They lasted through Fashion Week and literally saved my feet numerous times. Think heels in the meatpacking district!! All those cobblestones? Forget it!

(image piedolatrie)

Princess Poochie and I both slipped ours on after the Betsey Johnson show on our way to the Stacy Lomman show. It was raining and we both felt like our feet were getting a bit soggy in them but they survived and they saved my precious Spine Heels from the wet streets. 

I think they should add these to women’s restrooms at bars. Like, they should have a machine that has tampons, lip gloss, and disposable flats. Genius if I do say so my self. And I do. ;)

The product that sort of caught me off guard though were these Super Low Cut Foot Covers. Um… AMAZING. I am not exaggerating ladies. I will be wearing these with everything this Fall. They are a new ShoeGirl staple.
I almost overlooked them in my package of goodies they sent but when I was packing for New York I grabbed them just in case.
I usually use regular ped socks when I wear boots or any kind of lace up shoe but I have these pink oxfords that are low cut and a regular ped would show. So, I tried these out and I will never look back. They have padding on the ball of the foot and even more importantly, in the back… you know, where you usually get blisters from shoes rubbing if you walk too long? Not any more. And they’re thin like tights so they don’t make your shoe feel smaller. They’re low cut enough that you can wear them with pumps if you want too!! They’re total pedicure savers too which is a great bonus. I hate when I get pedis in the Fall and then wear a closed toe shoe that chips off my polish!

I love love love these and think you should check them out. You can find theme here at or on Amazon.

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  • Alice Oct.08.2010, 8:40 am

    I have something like Flats to Go – we call them Footsie Roll and then others name then Frollic Shoes but they’re both just the same thing.

    They’re like super duper comfy and it feels like you’re nothing on foot.

  • Allie Sep.29.2010, 9:49 pm

    I studied in Europe for a year and they had flat vending machines everywhere!! In clubs and bars. A friend of mine bought a pair for about 10 bucks when her cheap heel snapped. They were called Rollasoles (

    The machines I saw had a variety of colors to choose from- black, gold, silver, red. I still have yet to see the machines in America but I would imagine they would be a huge success!

  • Rachel Sep.29.2010, 8:13 pm

    I totally agree – I LOVE Kushyfoot! I found them by accident one day before work in the grocery store and I needed some not too ugly knee high/thin socks. The padding on the bottom is like a little hug! I love them & will have to try those flats to go!

  • Raquel Sep.29.2010, 4:58 pm

    If you ever come to Portugal, come prepared because here it’s all like meatpacking district. Wearing heels here it’s like doing a Camel Trophy in a scooter. Seriously! I love heels so I am always loosing my shoe, falling or simply ruining the shoe’s heels…frustrating:(
    BTW LOVE YOUR BLOG and your work.

  • Juli Sep.29.2010, 4:21 pm

    good to know! thanks :)

  • FASHION SNAG Sep.29.2010, 2:26 pm

    I have to get some of the low cut foot covers. x

  • gucci 2011 Sep.29.2010, 8:13 am

    I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

  • Natida Erin Sep.29.2010, 5:02 am

    Do these flats fit true to size? I usually wear a 7 but my foot is narrow with [unfortunately] bunions, so sometimes I have to wear a 6.5. Should I go for the 5/6 or 7/8? I hate it when there’s a lot of extra material at the back of my heel so I’m a bit hesitant…

  • Poochie Sep.29.2010, 3:53 am

    I agree, folks, these are great and perfect for popping in your bag. I now have my original black pair – – and a silver pair which I keep in my car.

    As you said, we were both wearing ours that night. If you invest in good shoes, it helps to have these around if it starts to rain or you have to walk somewhere that would cause your feet to hurt or hurt your shoes.

    Get some!

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