So I just discovered that a mustache’s nickname in almost every other place but the good ol USofA is Mo. Makes sense. And people love mo’s so much that they dedicate a whole month to growing one out… MOvember. Who knew!? 
I’ve heard of March being Mustache Madness but never Movember. Well anyway… there’s a point here (and a chance at FREE shoes!)

Shoevember was created for the partners of men who are participating in Movember – the wives, girlfriends, sisters, colleagues and besties.  The idea was formed after Nude Footwear Director Dean Kolthek took part in 2010’s Movember. His wife and co-Director of Nude Footwear, Selina Kolthek, was (like most other ‘Movember widows’) less than impressed with her husband’s furry upper lip. This led to the idea of creating a reward for those who suffer the most throughout Movember – the women who have to look at the dreaded mo’s for a whole month! I love it! 

“After living with Dean’s itchy, scruffy moustache throughout Movember last year, I thought to myself that there needs to be something in it for the ladies!” says Selina, “I certainly wasn’t the only one who had suffered the indignity of my once-smooth-faced husband resembling a Ned Flanders-wannabe…”

And so Shoevember is born, just in time for 2011’s Movember. Shoevember is a Social Media initiative that allows women to win free shoes(!!!), courtesy of Nude Footwear, in exchange for sharing their partner’s Movember mo with the world. The Shoevember campaign asks participants to submit photos of their other half’s moustache via the Nude Footwear Facebook page. Users are encouraged to get their friends to vote for their photo; and at the end of each week in November the top 3 photographs with the most votes each win one free pair of shoes from Nude Footwear. Since I have a dude with a “Mo” I will be participating for sure! Shoevember continues for the whole month, where at the end of the 4 weeks the 12 most popular photographs will go into a draw to win a year’s supply of new Nude Footwear (24 pairs) shoes. This final part of the initiative will be decided by Nude Footwear’s Facebook fans, and will be a super-fast, hotly contested competition – after all, who wouldn’t want to be well heeled for a whole 12 months? 

Final voting runs for just 24 hours, so they predict a flurry of frenzied Facebook activity! In addition to this, Nude Footwear will also donate $2000 to the Movember charities, on behalf of the winning entrant’s male partner. After all, it was his moustache that won her the amazing prize in the first place! Shoevember is a fun and light-hearted initiative that offers fantastic rewards for very little outlay. Nude Footwear is excited to launch this innovative campaign, which is predicted to continue for years to come. 

So spread the word, and begin by ‘liking’ the Nude Footwear Facebook page It’s time to rally up your fellow Movember widows and hide your man’s razor… And remember, putting up with a tickly upper lip for 4 weeks could give you a year’s worth of beautiful (and free!) footwear! 


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  • Hannah Nov.17.2011, 10:31 pm

    I really love it! You are a really good writer ;) I just started a blog, maybe you can check it out of you have some time?

  • Swizzle Nov.04.2011, 10:12 pm

    Now everyone will get the chance to stick some moustaches on! :D

  • Peta Nov.04.2011, 2:53 pm

    I would be devastated if my man shaved off his facial hair! So glad every month is Movember for me (don’t forget the beard, who doesn’t like a beard, c’mon!)

  • La douce balance Nov.04.2011, 10:57 am

    here in canada, movember is the month of prostate cancer, so in support of the cause men let they’re mustache grow.

  • Nov.03.2011, 7:48 pm

    good luck girls! nothing better than free shoes other than free clothes

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