It’s that time of year again! Time to spend all our hard earned cash on the ones we love ;) I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite things to help inspire the spirit of Santa in you!

These great gift sets of Nars polish paired with Marc Jacobs fingerless cashmere gloves are great for your favorite frosty fashionista. $52 per set

I’m obsessed with this ring! $52 from Spring Street Design Anyone who loves Rachel Zoe will love this ring. It’s a take on the Cartier ring she wears. Hers will set you back $15,000. I die.
This one in diamonds is amazing. And so expensive I couldn’t find the price!

 For those of us on planet Earth…

Represent your favorite state! $130- $335 from Maya Brenner

My sister got me this “bi-costal” necklace a few years ago when I was working with Betsey Johnson and traveling back and forth to New York. I love it’s quirky cuteness.

These beautiful jewel boxes look much more expensive than they really are. $34.95 from Z Gallerie

 I’m a sucker for fabulous candles! Voluspa makes my very favorite scents and they are just as beautiful as they smell.

Give the gift of bubbly champagne. Sofia Coppola’s Blanc de Blanc is both beautiful and delicious

My favorite holiday indulgence! Delicious hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma
Check out for customizable… well, anything! Bags, T’s, iPone cases, Watches… you name it. I made my own iPhone case for only $8.99

I saw these all over New York during Fashion Week and love them. Especially the fluorescents! Great for work or as an everyday bag. Get that PS1 look without the crazy price tag ;)
From Cambrigde Satchel Co starting at $115

 Now this is a splurge, but SO worth it! 
Temptu is an airbrush makeup system thats quick and easy to use and leaves your skin looking fresh and dewy. I absolutely love mine! $225 at Sephora
One of my favorite ways to give gifts is to make thoughtful gift baskets. You can buy them pre-made like the one above but I think it’s way more fun to make your own! 
Think about the things that your friend or loved one loves. Making your own movie gift basket (like the one above) is great for almost anyone. 
You can get as personal as you want. If I were making a gift basket for myself or a girly friend with taste similar to mine I might make something like this….
I’d start with a pretty hat box or white basket.
I’d line the basket with a soft luxurious throw.
(This one from Target is only $34 but you can get as fancy as you want)
Then I’d fill it with pretty color coordinated items that I love.

Girly champagne in pink cellophane. 

Voluspa Pink Citron candle. 
I love this candle because once it’s all burned down you can use the pretty ceramic container as a decorative holder for your makeup brushes!
Add a couple of super cute plastic champagne flutes to go with the bubbly

And a super girly flick to complete the theme. You’ve got a girls night in a basket! 
One tip I have for what NOT to give is this. If someone is really into something like golf or, oh I don’t know, shoes… don’t go for the obvious. My dad has tons of crap like this on his desk and I know he just keeps it cause he feels guilty.

Be creative! And not so obvious. ;) In other words don’t buy this crap…

People that make shoe gifts usually make ugly shoe gifts. Would you wear a shoe that looked like that? 
No matter what gifts you give, remember the presentation. A beautiful gift wrapping job can make any gift even more special. Check out for some super cute wrapping ideas

 Happy Holidays!!


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  • Victoria Golden Dec.26.2011, 10:20 am

    Great items

  • C Dec.12.2011, 1:15 pm

    ok….. the Jewel Boxes and Cartier Rings are amazing, Not to mention Marc Jacobs teaming up with NARS. Heaven.

  • Indian Fashion Dec.08.2011, 7:15 am

    Ladies have fettish for shoes.We all know this.The current India has blended ladies designer shoes with designers apparels.Virtually every fashion designer in India has matched his creation with these women shoes stores and every fashion store has section for ladies shoes like Pumps and sandals etc.Perfect time to bask into the glory of ladies fashion with these amazing ladies designer shoes,by buying only

  • Sabina Dec.08.2011, 3:20 am

    Hahaha! I love the obvious gift selection. So true. People always think they need to buy shoe crap for girls who are into shopping and shoes. It is understandable, since a shoe paperweight is cheaper–way cheaper–than buying a pair of shoes, and they probably think they’re being thoughtful for acknowledging what you like. But yikes–as you noted, most of that stuff is too ugly for words. (I admit to buying silly gift gifts for a folder I know since I couldn’t afford good clubs so I guess I can’t hate too much.) Funny post though.

    I also love that tiger ring.

  • Windsday Handmade Dec.07.2011, 3:48 pm

    Cute stuff C-money! Kelley and I make a hand cut California necklace similar to that. It’s on our Etsy – It’s a little more affordable for the budget conscious and the heart placement is customizable! :)

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