Things I Love Thursday…

Inspired by my friend (and amazing blogger) Gala Darling, and wanting to blog more often, I’m going to try this out.

Things I’ve been loving this week…

*Hot pink manicure *Lana DelRay Pandora station (AMAZING) *Bunny ear fetish mask *Bachelorette party dick paraphernalia *Pasties *Pool time *Lavender lattes *Homemade guacamole *An Affair To Remember *New Prada shoes *Freeze dried fruit (astronaut food!!) *Waking up early *Talking to my bird *Sissy time *Popsicle humor *Wearing shoes from my very own line (!!!) *St Germain and champagne *Mom *Arms full of puppies *GifBoom (iPhone app) *Pink Daisies *FiL

…just to name a few ;)


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  • Amish Stories May.28.2012, 2:55 pm

    Wow a blog about shoes, and to think my closet only has like two pairs! Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

  • Amish Stories May.28.2012, 2:54 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Unknown May.27.2012, 1:50 am

    yayyayayayayayyyyy!! New blog post!!! Keep them coming!!!

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  • stranger36 May.24.2012, 3:26 pm

    Cute, I might have to follow suit.

  • Wulan Wu May.24.2012, 3:08 pm

    oohhh goosshh the neon Prada are too perfect!!
    want them so bad!

    Wulan Wu on

  • agnes May.24.2012, 2:56 pm

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  • Justalazymorning May.24.2012, 1:27 pm

    cute post!

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