Penny Loves Kenny by The Shoe Girl

Hello friends! I just wanted to officially let you guys know that I am now designing for the brand Penny Loves Kenny and my first collection will be out soon! You can find the existing collection on and where they have great, affordable styles on sale RIGHT NOW!! Like this adorable wedge… so cute!

So stay tuned! I’m really excited about this brand and where I’m taking it :)

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  • nguyen john Apr.27.2016, 1:39 am

    I still always sand with my orbital to take the sheen off the furniture just in case. I have also used Annie Sloans chalk paint as well. Both pure white, and florence.My problem is this I find that my DIY version almost ALWAYS scratches off (regardless of what type of paint I mix it with). I seal with wax (I use minwax and annies), but still I can scratch it off with a fingernail, sometimes even a month after it was painted. I find I cant do this nearly as much with the Annie Sloan paint. You mention in your post that you get the same adhesion with the DIYs as you do with Annies. Are YOU able to scratch your paint off?I love using chalk paint for furniture over other paints because I love the finish and the fast dry/recoat time.

  • LoveTeiaB Oct.13.2012, 11:19 pm

    i love Penny Loves Kenny. Congrats on your new job.

  • canvas prints Aug.08.2012, 7:00 pm

    loving the picture here, great work

  • simmysims Aug.06.2012, 11:51 am

    OMG Love shoes!!!!! Wsh i had enuf to buy as many pairs i want, a girl can never have too much :-)

  • Pantofi Aug.01.2012, 4:53 am

    Beautiful shoes, i love it!

  • Shoeniverse Jul.31.2012, 5:45 pm
  • antique engagement rings Jul.31.2012, 10:21 am

    The shoe looks great.. i love black!

  • Anonymous Jul.26.2012, 10:07 pm

    “@Modocat: Simple & classy. Style it your way! Only $19.90” Use my PROMO CODE STEPHANIEB4MC to.get up to 60% off!!

  • kids flip flops Jul.26.2012, 8:09 pm

    This shoes have a romantic look because of the black color and the ribbon. I like this kind of shoes, this looks me taller.

  • Mary Grace Jul.26.2012, 3:39 pm

    Hi your blogs looks so impormative and interesting.would you come and visit us back too

  • Hannah Jul.26.2012, 4:59 am

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see new designs.

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