My Top 10 Favorite Oscar Dresses…

So I’m not really an awards show person. I find them boring and too long and I generally don’t care. What I DO care about are the red carpets before the awards. And the red carpet of all red carpets? Well the Oscars of course! So here’s a little list of some of my favorite Oscar red carpet moments…



Last year’s red carpet was pretty awesome. I remember Lupita Nyong’o walking down in that BEAUTIFUL blue Prada dress and my jaw just dropped! That color! The way it moved… the headband! It was perfection. Her whole red carpet season was flawless in my opinion but this dress makes my top 10 for sure. Cinderella come to life.

Kate Hudson in Versase was another perfect look for me. Her hair, makeup and that body… YES. I especially love the bold shoulder and the little cape action. I’m a sucker for a back moment.


Oscars.003In 2011 came two more of my favorites, both in beautiful pastel hues and both stunning for different reasons.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy? Yes please. This dress got a lot of mixed opinions but I love everything about it. The pop of neon against the most perfect pinkish lilac and the intricacy of the beading detail make me swoon. That edgy sculpted shoulder juxtiposed against the pleated flowy fabric is that touch of badass that takes this dress to the next level.

Now Mila Kunis in Elie Saab is another story. Girly flirty sexy feminine perfection. Showing skin in such a sexy yet sophisticated way… I just love this dress. Romantic is an understatement.



In 2010 I LOVED another dress that got mixed reviews- Zoe Saldana in Givenchy. The ruffled purple ombre was UH-Mazing and that glittery top sent me to girly heaven! I loved it and was really surprised that lots of people hated it. Like, whaaaaa??

Ah, and Sandra Bullock in that perfect Marchesa number. She looked like a beautiful glittery Oscar. She looked like a goddess. And this was the year she won the Oscar for best actress and made a beautiful speech (ok sometimes I watch the speeches- I’m a sucker for a good cry) and then her disgusting cheater husband smiled at her lovingly while she thanked him. YUCK. …but I digress. She was stunning and I loved her in that moment.


Oscars.005These two favorites have two things in common. 1- they were both from 2007 and 2- they were worn by two women that have slept with Tom Cruise. Eek.

Nicole Kidman’s red Balenciaga was all about that bow… well that and the fact that she’s a clothes hanger on legs. No seriously, I love the simplicity of this dress paired with a perfect fit and the super cute super perfect bow.

Penelope Cruze is wearing what would be my wedding dress if I could afford Atelier Versace. So yea, it’s a top 10 for sure. Feathery and structured and beauuuutiful!


Michelle Williams in Vera Wang in 2006 might be my favorite Oscar look of all time. Serious. That color dress with the red lip and her perfect skin and hair and that necklace that mimics the color detail and oh my gosh! I don’t know why exactly but this is just the best for me. It’s old Hollywood glam done exactly right.


Finishing off my top 10 list is Hillary Swank in Guy Larcohe. It was ten years ago (yikes!) but I still remember my reaction to this navy perfection. “Wow!” The fit, the draping, that back detail (are you seeing a pattern here?) And ten years later I’d still want to wear this as much as when I first drooled over it… classic!



Annnnnd for fun, my honorable mentions…


Cher for being effing Cher in a mostly see-through Macky masterpiece that should have been tacky but magically wasn’t (imo), and Angie for looking like an idiot with that weird leg thing she was doing all night and making a beautiful Atelier Versace look, well… tacky when it shouldn’t have.

Enjoy your Oscar parties! Cant wait to see what comes down the carpet Sunday!! If you’re in the LA area check out my friend’s studio for some pre-Oscar fabulousness.securedownload


Hooray for glamour!!


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  • David Feb.18.2016, 3:10 pm

    Pou Khlaing, Why didn’t you mention about MAKING ORIGINAL MUSIC! It’s such a good opuprtonity to inform the producer! If you want to make it international, you better have the original music! DON’T EMBARRASE KHMER! 0

  • celyn Feb.26.2015, 6:18 pm

    so much fun reading your commentary and descriptions! Loving all your picks, Lupita’s dress really was gorgeous! and so was Hilary Swank’s!


  • Very Veronique Feb.21.2015, 2:34 pm

    I love some of these looks (the red dress Nicole Kidman wore, so so good! And your favorite is one of my favorites too!) and cannot wait to see what will be worn this year!! The red carpet is the best part of award season :)

  • Jessicas Closet Feb.21.2015, 5:15 am

    I agree about the zoe saldana dress – i absolutely loved it too :D I didn’t love the nicole kidman dress but maybe cause i don’t really like her haha

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