My Weekend at The Blogcademy!


I just spent the weekend at a super inspiring blogger… what do I call it? Conference? Bootcamp? Summit?

Well whatever you want to call it- I call it awesome! Imagine a room filled with girls, all there to learn and share and become brighter shinier versions of their blogger selves. All colorfully dressed and full of personality and individual style. We learned about growing our blogs and business, everything from how to start a blog to how to perfect it.

I left there after day one with my head spinning and my “idea muscle” pumping! I was stoked and excited in a way I haven’t been in years! I practically filled up my notebook with feverishly written notes and priceless nuggets of wisdom. My hand cramped and I was like- whaaaaaa? Dope!blogcademy.002 blogcademy.003 blogcademy.004

Our teachers (or Headmistresses) were awesome! We all laughed as much as we learned… and we learned a lot. They all have their own super successful blogs and businesses.

Gala Darling, whom I’ve known and followed for years has an amazingly uplifting fun girly blog. Shauna Haider- a genius graphic artist and fellow shoe lover has her own company and is amazing at still life composition. Kat Williams with her ever changing hair color and amazing style, has her own magazine for alternative brides and a killer blog that she updates fanatically.

blogcademy.005 blogcademy.006(all images via: Sarah Lee Williams at


My fellow Blogcademy graduates and I all got personalized thank you notes, which was so sweet and appreciated. I think I speak for us all when I say that I had a blast and I’m so glad I participated.



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    Well maiadamca nuts, how about that.

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