The Designer Wedding Shoes I DIDN’T Choose… And A Giveaway!


Someone via Twitter suggested that I write this post and I just loved the idea! There are so many beautiful shoes out there that I love and that I may have bought if I didn’t have the option to design my own. Here are some of my favorites…theshoegirl_designer_wedding_shoesI may be biased (my company designs and manufactures Badgley Mischka shoes) but in my opinion, Badgley Mischka has some of the most beautiful bridal and special occasion shoes. If you look up “Wedding shoes” some of the most popoular ones come from Badgley Mischka. These first two shoes are great examples of beautiful bridal shoes. The rhinestone one is perfectly detailed- not too much glitz, but just enough. The second is more delicate and understated, but still makes a statement. Its a classic.

theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.002

These two shoes are stunning! The Valentinos are basically my dream shoe, but they are no longer in production and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. In my opinion they should just keep making them season after season since it doesn’t really get much better than that. ;)

The second bow shoe is by Giuseppe Zanotti and is a little less traditional- but that’s what I love about it! It’s flirty and sparkly and oh-so-pretty. Also no longer available, but lovely none the less.theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.003I love the simplicity of the Jimmy Choo. It’s similar to the Badgley shoe I love, but a little more understated. The Miu Miu crystal heel is so dreamy! And paired with a glittery upper… its girly perfection!

theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.004

I bought these Loubs a while ago, knowing that they weren’t right for my wedding day (I want to wear an open toe style) but that I’d make them work for my bridal shower. They’re SO beautiful I can hardly handle it. I’ve been dying to wear them ever since I brought them home with me!


And then I remembered these shoes… These super limited, super sparkly, semi-famous shoes.

I designed these shoes with Adrienne Maloof as a special limited edition gift for magazine editors and some of her celebrity friends. Of course I grabbed myself a pair, but unfortunately they ran a bit large and they are too big for me. Unfortunate for me- lucky for you! If you’re a size 9 or 9 1/2 bride looking for her dream shoes that is.

They’re doing no good sitting here in my closet, shining and glimmering and begging to be worn, so I’d like to do a giveaway!! theshoegirl_designer wedding shoes.005Just leave a comment with your name, wedding date, and why you want to win and I’ll pick a winner on Friday, March 20th! Please let your bride friends know too- I’d love these to go to a happy home :)

For an extra chance to win, check my latest Instagram post!  #theshoegirlgiveaway

Good luck!!!



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  • Aveitos Dec.08.2016, 11:50 pm

    You have an awesome choice in shoes! Love your collection!! Keep in touch!!

  • Jordan Nov.27.2016, 8:53 pm

    Love the wedding shoe idea! Who knew picking a pair of white shoes would be so hard. Great pictures :)

  • Aveitos Nov.09.2016, 11:49 pm

    You have an awesome choice in shoes! Love your collection!! Keep in touch!!really awesome design.

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  • jami May.24.2016, 9:38 am

    I love the wonderful designs and colors as well as the beauty of each shoe. I f possible I would love to win. Perfect for my wedding coming soon.

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  • Pooja Feb.18.2016, 2:56 pm

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  • Debora Jan.28.2016, 11:28 am

    My brother is getting married…FINALLY!!! His fiance’ has a tea length dress, so her shoes will be much more of a showcase item than if the dress came to the floor. These are gorgeous…but what’s the comfort factor? Is there a “grade” you would give them?

  • Taher Jan.02.2016, 5:53 am

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  • Girls wedding shoes Sep.29.2015, 10:51 pm

    These are the beautiful pair of wedding shoes. I really like to wear Girls wedding shoes

  • raphael Sep.29.2015, 7:41 pm

    I have a friend who told me that is getting married in October 9 2015 she said. That those heels that I showed her would Fit her and it would go with the dress. But she said she wants them because she wants. To by some heels but there expensive and she can not buy any. So she wants those

  • jami Sep.29.2015, 10:27 am

    love to win these lovely high heels. totally outstanding and beautiful.

  • Sophia Allen Sep.01.2015, 12:21 am

    These are the beautiful pair of wedding shoes. I really like to wear High Heels.

  • Very Veronique Apr.05.2015, 9:02 am

    Hi, has a winner been announced? I’m so excited about this giveaway I’ve been dying to ask :))

  • Very Veronique Mar.20.2015, 6:23 am

    I can’t believe I forgot to post my name. My name is Veronika (but in blogging I go by Veronique because I grey up in Lyon:) M and I were talking about the wedding and we’re thinking early autumn – so that he won’t be too hot in a suit and I can still get away with peep toe heels. (Yes, these peep toe heels).

    Love you and thanks so much for the opportunity of this giveaway:)

  • Very Veronique Mar.18.2015, 2:34 pm

    I love all the shoes you picked out:)) We don’t have a wedding date picked out yet but have been engaged since July last year. My boyfriend has a very relaxed way of dealing with our pending wedding and as I’m waiting for the PERFECT pair of wedding shoes to start planning it, we’re at a stand still.

    Please please please! You would make my dream come true! I’ve never won any blog prize and this would be beyond anything I could ever imagine.

  • Tawnee Tidd Mar.17.2015, 2:12 pm

    Hi! My name is Tawnee, and my fiancé and I are getting married July 25, 2015! I cannot wait to marry the love of my life and I would seriously die of happiness if I could do so wearing shoes you designed!! My fiancé and I are both students so our wedding budget is quite slim. I would love to create an extra wow factor with these shoes!!

  • Kiki Mar.16.2015, 3:23 pm

    My name is Kiki and I’m not getting married. But now I totally wished I was, haha.

    Not gonna lie, I checked your old blog once a month, ever since your last entry. Glad to see you back online!

  • Andrea Mar.14.2015, 9:00 am

    My name is Andrea… I’m getting married on September 5, 2015 and I love all of these shoes! I’ll admit, I literally just discovered your blog (thanks to Pinterest!) but I’m thrilled to see a blog mostly devoted to shoes! I love shoes, even if I can’t afford/wear them, haha. :)

  • Dan Mar.14.2015, 3:04 am

    My name is Dan and im entering for my wife. Although we are already married she couldn’t get the shoes she wanted and missed out. If i won her these we could shoot pics to finish of a perfect album. An amazing anniversary present.

  • Gigi Mar.13.2015, 8:54 am

    Im Gigi and my wedding date is not set yet but sometime next year for sure! I want to win because I loveeee these shoes and have ever since I saw them on RHOBH! That’s so cool you did them. Please pick me!

  • Casey Mar.12.2015, 6:08 pm

    My name is Casey, we’re getting married on November 5th, 2015 and I would LOVE these because a few years ago I told you on instagram (when I first starting blog stalking you) that I wanted you to design my wedding shoes!(Before I realized how expensive weddings were…) So now, after just choosing a tea length dress and searching for the perfect shoes to show off (under a pathetic budget), THESE would be perfect for my wedding!

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