The Shoe Girl Loves Ruby Stella!

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty talented and amazing friends in my life, and sometimes I think I take that for granted. I think I’d like to do some posts about just how awesome my friends are, starting with these two. So excuse me while I humble brag about my rad girlfriends.


These two babes, my friends Ruby and Stella are also two of my favorite jewelry designers! I love their stuff and I figured you would too.

The girls, like me, are following in their father’s footsteps (a seasoned professional jeweler with over 45 years of experience) but blazing their own trail. They make the coolest designs with the BEST quality- always using 14k solid gold and fully cut diamonds… meaning they’ll shine brighter than some other trendy jewelers that use diamond chips.theshoegirl_loves_ruby_stella.002

I’m a huge fan of their stackable, mix and matchable pieces. Whenever I see Stella she’s got a new combination of rings that look amazing! She takes them off and shows me how the pieces all fit together and how by just switching the placement or the combo of rings, you get a totally new look. It’s the coolest stuff, I swear! (Check out their Instagram @rubystella for all the different ways they wear their jewels)theshoegirl_loves_ruby_stella.003 Here are just a small few of my faves…theshoegirl_loves_ruby_stella.0041. 14k White Gold Diamond Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet-  We’ve all seen cute evil eye bracelets but this one is my fave! The eyelashes make it for me

2. 14k Rose Gold Floating Heart Necklace- I LOVE this simple yet perfect heart. Perfect worn alone or with multiple hearts at different lengths like Ruby wears

3. 14k White Gold Diamond Curved V Ring- This is one of my favorites. Check out how the girls stack this with other rings to make totally different looks


Check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed :)


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  • Very Veronique Mar.20.2015, 7:30 am

    Some of these designs are so pretty (that heart necklace is so cute).

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