A Few of Our Favorite Things…


I get asked a lot about the various products I use when it comes to meal time so I threw together this list of our everyday favorites…

james' faves (food).001


Ok, lets start with the bibs. (CLICK HERE)
These are the only brand I like to use because A) let’s be honest, it’s because they’re the cutest. They come in twenty something different styles- all cute- so there’s one for every personality. More importantly (I guess) is B) They catch most of the food James drops so there is hardly any cleanup for mommy after even the messiest of meals. They’re especially great at restaurants because it really limits the amount of food on the floor. That’s the most embarrassing thing about trying to eat at a “normal” restaurant with your kid. The total destruction and chaos left on the floor in your kiddos wake. Well, that and the high pitch screeching noise they make when they want your water glass, but “no Jamesey I don’t want you to put your cracker in my water. This is Mommy’s water.” Just me? Ok whatever.

On to the plates. (CLICK HERE) and (HERE)
I love these because they stick, by suction, to the highchair tray or table. HA!! I secretly love when James tries to pick up and throw his plate or bowl and when he goes to do it its stuck. I’ll admit I’ve laughed out victoriously more times than I should have. They’re made of silicone so you don’t have to worry about harmful plastic chemicals and they’re super easy to clean. Are you seeing a theme here?
Although those are my everyday plates we LOVE this DJ plate because of how cute it looks in photos. Plus James gets a kick out of spinning his little record plate around.

The Utensils. (CLICK HERE)
Nothing super special here other than they’re super cheap and they are the perfect size for fat little baby hands!

The Secret Weapon! (CLICK HERE)
Ok, not so secret since all my mom friends have one but still. It’s pretty awesome. I started using this baby when James started on foods at 6months. It’s a great little kitchen gadget that both steams and purees food in one little package. I still use it for things like cauliflower mash and to steam veggies quickly. I also use it to chop up bigger veggies quickly or to make fruit purees for James’ oatmeal.

This is the cup that’s our current fave. (CLICK HERE)
We also have the Zoli and the Munchkin cups but they both have little stopper things that slow down the flow of liquid, which is great for littler babies but James is a whopping 14 1/2 months so he’s not messing with that baby crap anymore. When he wants his water he wants it NOW. No patience. This one, like the other 2, has a weighted straw which is great and limits frustration.

This is our highchair and we love it. (CLICK HERE)
Yes it’s kinda fancy and it’s not cheap but it looks good and it reclines all the way back- for naps in the highchair?? It also has wheels which is great when your kid is over all his toys and you’re trying to be creative so you stick him in the highchair and push him around the house making ambulance noises.
Whatever, it was a gift and it’s rad. Add it to your registry and let someone spoil you!


Hope this little guide is helpful! Please feel free to comment on anything you’d like me to post about. :)



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