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I know, I know. Almost a month without posting, I totally suck. I hope you follow my Tumblr because I update that almost daily. It's so convenient. It's been 10 months and this divorce thing is still really affecting me. I don't know why but I find it hard to do the things I used to love to do. Blogging included. BUT... this isn't a therapy session its a muthafuggin shoe blog so let's get to it!This last Friday we shot for the new Fall 2012 Cece L'amour and Penny Loves Kenny lines. IT WAS SO AWESOME!! We had a really great team of super talented […] Read More

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Cece L’amour on

I'm about to board my flight to China (my blog's no mans land) but I just want to share with you that the 1st two styles are up on!! There are more to come on Zappos and Amazon so keep checking! ;)Just wanted to share the news cause I am SO excited!!! Also, check out my first editorial credit in April's People Style Watch!! YIPPEE! Sorry for all the !sBig happy X's and O's […] Read More

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Cece L’amour Shoes, Finally in Stores!!

It feels like it's been forever but I'm happy to announce that my first collection for Cece L'amour will be available at the end of this month!! YAY! The first few places to carry them will be, and (so honored to have your support!!!)Here are the styles that you'll be able to purchase...♥♥(Katie)♥♥(Christie)(Heidi)(Tanisha)(Juls)♥♥(Leah)♥♥It's so awesome that the shoe names that made the cut are some of my favorite people in the whole world. My 3 very best friends, Katie (my sister) Christie and Leah are up there and that makes me so happy! Heidi was one of my bridesmaids and someone that people […] Read More

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