To Sock? Or not to Sock?

Sandals or pumps with socks... Hmm. I've always liked the look but I never really tried it 'cause it seems like one of those things that look good on OTHER people. Not me. But I figured, what the heck? I'm The Shoe Girl right? Gotta try it out...If I look like I'm concentrating its 'cause I am. These suckers are HIGH as heck! Look... They're almost as big as Stella! Got my nails done at Atlas again!!! Japanese nail art is so dang fun. I wish I could afford to do it all the time. So cute! It's my friend Julie's big 3-0 tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULS!!) so I […] Read More

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Flats are Shoes Too.

I know this is my life in heels and not my life in flats, but let's get real... certain occasions call for flats. Example? A birthday bbq!I went shopping specifically to find some flats and knew I'd find something great on sale since all these crazy retailers have their Summer stuff on sale... EVEN THOUGH Summer has barely started. I will never understand that, but that's a whole different post.(nail color= Jazz by Essie)I found these at Chloe and fell in love. They are my idea of a perfect Summer sandal. Soft buttery leather, the perfect shade of tobacco, and super comfortable too. The fact […] Read More

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Christmas Parties: Part 1

One of my favorite things about the holidays? Dressing up and going to parties of course!The first Holiday party of the season was at our amazingly awesome friend Kelley's house, Xanadu. Yes, Kelley and her hubby Kyle have named their home Xanadu. Amazing.Anyway- it was really fun and some of the evening include but are not limited to:Delicious foodGay cupcakesGay wardrobe changePaper crownsBoozeGood peopleGood timesLemmie just show you-Our lovely hostess, prepping the chicken and waffle appetisersArgh! Parker Jacobs!Miss Tracy and her beautiful paper crownYUM!Pedro made the gayest cupcakes ever! They were delish! (Unicorn cupcakes and rainbow cupcakes)My husband in his hetero outfit...Pedro and IBen and […] Read More

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You Can’t Spell Jewelry Without a Jew…

Hello and happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends! Last night my friend and across-the-street neighbor Gigi hosted a jewelry party at her house, so I decided to pop over and take a peek!I really loved a lot of Rachel May's pieces and bought a bracelet and necklace for myself. Hanukkah presents to me from me! ;)Our lovely hostess, Gigi...The big black monsters...Yes, I got them (sorry Sister Wolf) and they are indeed big scary shoes. I think I love them but to be honest, looking at this picture makes me wonder if I'm smoking crack. They're about a size too big but I got […] Read More

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Party time.

Truth be told, it wasn't much of a party but sometimes you just wanna get dressed up, put on some killer shoes, and feel cute. So I did. Sparkly sequined bra- TopShopSexy shoes/confidence boost- Nicholas KirkwoodYUMM!(denim leggings- American Apparel, blazer- Forever21)(originally posted 3/24/09)**ADDITION**I need to bust out this sequin bra again! It's fun to revisit posts and remind myself of things I love. Speaking of which, I've only wore these shoes twice!! I need to bust them out again soon […] Read More

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