Love and Paris

Internet connection sucks here... I lost my iPhone in Milan which had lots of pretty pictures to share with you :( but now I'm in Paris and I'm taking lots more photos! I'll be in touch soon... miss you guys!My friend Amita is here too (you know, the lovely manager over at the Louboutin boutique at South Coast Plaza?) so you know were gonna get into lots of trouble.Financial trouble... hahaà tout à l'heure mes amis!Get it? LOVE and PARIS?? hehe ;) […] Read More

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Come Along with Me

A typical weekend day goes something like this...(dress- Monroe, necklace- Miu Miu, bag- Balenciaga, glasses- Ray Ban, shoes- Louboutin)Off to South Coast Plaza to check out the goods. My Betsey shoes on display at Nordstrom :)My friend and favorite sales person Gian. We take ourselves very seriously obviously.Next, off to the Louboutin Boutique to pick up Amita for lunch!Hi Reghan!! ♥The shoes I should have got married in...Lunch at Marche Modern is our FAVORITE!!! Yummy virgin Mojitos... no drinking for A till the baby comes out! ;)My weakness= shoes and cosmetics...I love window shopping.I saw these Versace runway shoes and realized that I hadn't seen them […] Read More

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Red Soles and Bubbly

Last night the Christian Louboutin boutique at South Coast Plaza celebrated their 1 year anniversary and the place was bumpin with champagne a-flowin! There were shoe lovers everywhere!I finally got to wear my Christopher Kane for Top Shop dress. Yay!Amita's nails were out of control amazing... Japanese nail art. I told her they look like barnacles... but in a good way. They're definitely a love them or hate them trend, and I really love them.Reghan got in on the nail art tooAnd she wore these amazing hand painted gold tights... So cool.The boys got in on the action too!I love these sneakers... I need to […] Read More

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My Night in the Clouds…

Ok. So some of you already know, but Monday night I went to a dinner for Mr. Christian Louboutin himself. I know, right?It was pretty much the most amazing night of my life (besides my wedding of course) and I was pinching myself all night long. I felt like I was in a dream world and I never wanted to wake up!The night started with a small cocktail party at the Louboutin boutique. There was champagne and shoe lovers, and I felt so lucky to be a part of it. They had the AMAZING Marie Antoinette shoes on display, and some lucky women were even […] Read More

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Time to Go Again…

(my office in China)Well friends, it's that time again. I'm off to China tomorrow for a LONG two weeks. :(You all know that Blogger is blocked in China so I won't be able to post, so I've decided to schedule re-posts of some of my old favorites that you may not have seen. If anything exciting happens while I'm there I'll see if I can email Ben a post and have him put it up for me. I'm sure I will because I'm going to Shanghai for the first time and meeting up with my friend and Louboutin boutique manager Amita Singh and her hubby!! […] Read More

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