A little Insider’s Secret…

So have you guys checked out Bakers Shoes lately? Well, let me just tell you... they have some GOOD knock offs. Especially L.A.M.B. knockoffs. My "insider's secret"? Well, I hear they are made in the same factories (sometimes) as the original!! The quality of leather of course isn't always the same, but I think that they could be a cool alternative for those of us on a budget? ;)Check it out!Very Gucci, no? (and on sale!!)Very LAMB!Another LAMB inspired shoe..A TOTAL LAMB knockoff!! (check out the original)Crazy, right?  […] Read More

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Lookie Lookie…

So back to Bakers one more time. SJP has been seen running around the set of SATC in this awesome Dior shoe and whadda ya know, Bakers has it covered already. And for only $69.95.These look like they might be super cheap looking in person. It says that it's leather though, so maybe not? Anyway- just wanted to end the weekend with a nice little treat. Oh but WAIT! It's a long weekend! Yippee! Even better treat.Enjoy your holiday :) […] Read More

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Another Blatant Knockoff…

It's incredible that I didn't know about all this before.  Maybe I did know and I just turned a blind eye? I mean, considering that our sister company who shares an office building with us makes shoes for Bakers, I had to have known, right?This is a complete knockoff of my Spring favorite... the YSL Tribute sandal. I finally broke down and bought them in navy patent btw... I must have bad shoe karma! Seriously you guys. This shoe is almost totally indistinguishable as a knockoff, other than the thick rubber outsole (gross)whick you won't find on the original. Unlike with the Louboutin knockoffs, there […] Read More

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