Tumbler Roundup Jan 2012

Aloha from beautiful Hawaii!! Here's what I've been up to so far in 2012.I don't always wear flats. But when I do, I prefer cute ones... Miu MiuXmas gift from my awesome Parisian aunt ;) BalenciagaThe mean streets of Costa Mesa. LouboutinPlastic shoes by MelissaA prototype of my Cece L'amour boxes!Leah and I going out on the town. Both Jeffrey Campbell. I'm on your right.New purchase :DBedroom […] Read More

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Shoe Regrets…

Do you guys ever have shoe regret? I don't mean shoe remorse where you buy a pair and then you're like, why the eff did I buy that effing shoe? I mean when you see an amazing shoe and you don't buy it for one reason or another and then it sells out and you're like, why the eff didn't I buy that effing shoe?Well kids, yesterday I scored a major victory against shoe regret. I purchased one of the shoes on my list! Yes, I have a list. Wanna see it? Well here's the abridged version ;)The sweetest shoe I've ever seen? Probably. Luella […] Read More

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Diapers Rule!

Yep. You read correctly... diapers rule. Well, they're ruling the runways at least. And maybe when I say diaper I really mean these shorts that kinda look like a slightly more flattering version of adult diapers.If I was a really dedicated blogger I'd go buy a pair of Depends and model them for you for a compare and contrast. It's bad enough googling "women's adult diaper" You see some freaky stuff.Anyway- see what I mean.... (Dolce & Gabbana) (Dolce & Gabbana)  (Dolce & Gabbana)(Jason Wu) (Balenciaga)(Balenciaga)(Prada)(Marc by Marc Jacobs)(I'm Just Sayin...) […] Read More

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Tumblr Roundup May 27, 2011

My week in shoes: (miu miu) (chloe sevigny x opening ceremony)(balenciaga) (versace)  (converse) (gianmarco lorenzi)For more, follow my tumblr :)Have an AMAZING (and safe) Memorial Day weekend […] Read More

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Balenciaga Obsession

I obsessed and obsessed and prayed that they would be in my price range. I decided that even if they weren't, I'd tip off the black market organ people and in exchange for a small finder's fee, I would give up a kidney. Alas, they were over $3,000. NOT in my price range. Not even in my price orbit. I took my frustrations to paper and came up with this. My version of the shoes I covet. Slightly girlier than Ghesquiere's versions. Pink and a pop of leopard (Betsey would be proud) and voila! I'm redesigning a masterpiece! Take that!! I won't actually have them made but I […] Read More

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