Spring Fever!

Spring is coming I can feel it! And thanks to a few of my favorite runway items... I can see it too! I am so happy and lucky to have my two favorite Spring runway shoes (posts comingsoon!!) and one of my favorite Spring accessories. This pink collar by Miu Miu is so dang cute I just had to! I can't afford a whole top form Miu Miu so I figured if I at least got the collar it would bring some Miu Miu runway to every outfit!! Add a cotton candy lollipop and a matching pink hair clip in and I've officially got Spring […] Read More

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Betsey Johnson Fall 2010 Runway Show!

Sorry I'm so behind you guys... I'm so exhausted and SO glad to be home! :)So this Betsey show was super fun! I went early to meet up with Betsey and check out what was happening behind the scenes. Betsey told me she was going to be doing "something special" to some of the shoes and I was excited to see what it was!I got really excited when I saw Betsey putting together this mustache coat for her Alexander McQueen tribute.The runway before all the chaos...Betsey drew on some of the runway shoes! So cool! Special is right. Isn't this fun?? What a cool DIY […] Read More

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When Water Attacks!

STORM WATCH 2010!Stupid rain. It was only sprinkling when I got dressed and I felt like a smart ass when I pulled these shoes out. "I'll put on my rain pumps" I chuckled to myself...Good traction on these babies. Talk about non-slip, right?Then came the rain...Time for a little change of clothes.I love any excuse to wear my Harajuku Lovers Rain boots. I hardly ever wear shoes I designed because for some reason it feels pretty cheesy, but these are so cute and technically I didn't "design" them cause kick ass Jolie designed the print on them.ANYWAY...I guess the rain isn't so bad as long […] Read More

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Christmas Parties: Part 1

One of my favorite things about the holidays? Dressing up and going to parties of course!The first Holiday party of the season was at our amazingly awesome friend Kelley's house, Xanadu. Yes, Kelley and her hubby Kyle have named their home Xanadu. Amazing.Anyway- it was really fun and some of the evening include but are not limited to:Delicious foodGay cupcakesGay wardrobe changePaper crownsBoozeGood peopleGood timesLemmie just show you-Our lovely hostess, prepping the chicken and waffle appetisersArgh! Parker Jacobs!Miss Tracy and her beautiful paper crownYUM!Pedro made the gayest cupcakes ever! They were delish! (Unicorn cupcakes and rainbow cupcakes)My husband in his hetero outfit...Pedro and IBen and […] Read More

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Gettin My Boot on

Hello! I was unusually excited to wake up to an overcast sky today. Why? Well, because I knew I could finally wear my new Chloé boots! Yippee!These are my first pair of thigh high boots and I adore them. I always thought these kind of boots looked slutty and very Pretty Woman, but these for some reason are more sexy than slutty. More sleek than skank. They also fold down nicely for an over the knee look.The leather is super soft and buttery and there is a gold accent on the inside of the heel. LOVE them.I got them at Intermix and I can't find […] Read More

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