Oops, You Stole That.

I know, I know. 3 days in a row. I'm trying! ;)Since I USED to post knockoffs and my opinions of them, and then get a ton of crap for it via bitchy comments... I'm going to keep it short and sweet."Oops, you stole that."Original, Rupert SandersonCopy Cat, Not Rated (here)Tisk tisk […] Read More

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Shoes For Sale!

Time to bite the bullet. I think I've been talking about this for 2 years now but I am SO lazy I just cant get to it. Here are some shoes I will be offering up for sale. They are good shoes that are in need of new loving homes. I'm running out of room in my house and out in the garage so I need to clear some space.I'm an 8 1/2 and my shoes are usually 8's, 8 1/2's and 9's... there are a few exceptions, but now many.Harajuku Lovers, never worn (8.5)JLO Runway, slightly worn (8.5)Harajuku Lovers, slightly worn (8.5)L.A.M.B, slightly worn […] Read More

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Kim Kardashian’s Dazzling Idea

So I just saw this new website that Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Kooked up. Oops, did I just do a lame alliteration thing? I think so.Anyway, they have this site called ShoeDazzle where you pay a monthly fee of $39 for a "personal shoe stylist" to match you up with your perfect pair- a choice of 5 to be exact- after you complete a fashion survey. Shipping and return shipping is free. They ship you a new pair every month and there is no obligation to buy.It's a cute idea, though I would probably have skipped the whole "we pick the shoes that […] Read More

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How Do They Do it!?

Shoes for under $25?? This baffles me. Even if we made shoes out of toilet paper we wouldn't be able to get that kind of price on a shoe from our factories! I'm sure these are super cheap looking in person, even more so than in the picture, and even cheaper feeling; but, I suppose if you want a Chloe knockoff for less than you'd pay for a nice dinner... here's your answer.They're cute. Like I said, total knockoff, but cute. You guys know I struggle with this copying shoes thing. I'm all for shoes inspired by designer shoes, but when you go ahead an […] Read More

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