It’s Friday, I’m in Love

I wanted to wait until I had more pictures to share this post with you but let's just call this a preview, shall we? I'm off to mainland China today, where as most of you know, blogger is blocked. UGH.So here's a post to tide you over while I'm gone. Though I've been such a bad blogger lately, I doubt anyone's holding their breath for new posts. ;)Last week, two of my favorite people were married on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I can't go into it right now because like I said, this is just a preview... but I am so happy for […] Read More

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Where Am I?

If you saw the latest runway shows in Paris last week you might think we'd time warped into the 70s. Chunky heels and platforms, funky shapes and colors, and clashes of pattens all over! Burn your bras and drop some acid. Well, no, don't do that.But do check out these styles from Miu Miu...And Louis Vuitton...And Prada of courseWhat do you think?? Groovy? I'm personally not digging them. I prefer the silhouettes shown last season with nods to the 50's and 60's. More feminine delicate shapes.Though I will say that I'm glad to see more platforms on the runway again. New York fashion week would […] Read More

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Stop. China Time!

It's that time again. Time to go to China and make some shoes!!If you aren't already, follow my Tumblr and/or Instagram to see my updates from Chinaland. Blogger is still blocked (LAME!) so those are my only ways of communicating with the outside world ;)I'd like to do another behind the scenes so if you guys have any more questions- please ask away in the comments section! I'll get email notifications still ;)Love you guys!!XOX […] Read More

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Working away…

I'm slaving hard, mixing sugar and spice and everything nice to make you the sassiest girliest shoes I can!!Here are some shots from my workshop in China... Be home soon. Can't wait!!Choosing materials is so fun and overwhelming! There are so many to choose fromThis is my fitting table. A shoe model comes in, tries on the prototypes, and my technician and I correct the lines and the fitting. :) Poor little rejects. I'm sorry you didn't make the cut! Leather colors and inspiration tears! My cork wall is my favorite.See you guys in a few days. I'm almost done. Hopefully I can share much more soon. […] Read More

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Q and A

There were a lot of good questions about my last post so I just want to take a minute to answer them...(a shot of past samples in our sample room)Angela said...Now, is this the design process for all shoes? Or just better made shoes? Because I've wondered why there's such a discrepancy in fit. I'm sure each company has their own way to come up with the right last, but I wonder why some leave way too much room between the shoe and my toes and others are perfect.This is the process for all shoes. There's really no way around it. The difference in high quality […] Read More

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