I’ve Got a Crush on You…

First off... THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Your comments are seriously the most amazing awesome inspiring things EVER. You really are my friends and I'm so lucky to have you! You seriously freaking rule! Way to turn my frown upside down. I love you guys :) Sorry for the drama queen moment. I'm making myself be over it.I decided a hair change would help to make me feel better and I was right. I feel sassier already. Christie Walker at Desa Salon does my hair and she's amazing. I went in and sat down and she could tell I was in a funk so she brightened me […] Read More

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Me on Your TV?

Yep- that was me! Thanks to everyone who emailed, texted, and Facebooked me last night to tell me they thought they saw me on TV. I was out to dinner with our friends the Walkers, when both Christie's and my cell phone starting blowing up at about 8:10pm (Christie was with me at the taping).I just got around to watching it and I am somewhere between embarrassed and excited. Probably embarrassed that I'm excited...Here is the first shot of Christie and I... I was surprised to see myself on TV for a good solid 4 seconds (14 minutes and 56 seconds to go?) looking bored […] Read More

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Bolo’d Over

I need to be sketching today but I'm having the WORST case of creative block of my life! I keep sitting down with my sketch pad... but nothing. So where do I go when I want to be inspired?? Well, I go shopping of course!First stop was a visit to my friends at the Louboutin boutique to look around and to drop off my damaged goods (Hi Amita! Hi Monica! Hey Jourdan!) and then off to see Betty at YSL. Yes. I'm seriously wearing a bolo tie... I'm pretty into it.YSL has AMAZING Fall shoes this year. Amazing. I think I was in there for […] Read More

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Go Lakers!

To be honest I couldn't give a shit about sports in general, but I have enough Laker crazy friends (and I mean CRAZY) to respect the Lakeshow. So this is how I do team spirit. Purple and gold head to toe. And what do you know? They took home the championship. Go Lakers! Maybe it was the luck of the YSL's? Ha ha.Another bad shoe choice by the way. We went to one of Ben's friend's houses, filled with BBQ eating boys. Scary, right? Well, while walking through the kitchen some bacon grease popped and splattered on.... yes, my suede shoe. UGH.Luckily it was a teeny splat […] Read More

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For You Local Boys and Girls…

So my amazing friend Christie Walker does my hair and she does a FABULOUS job if I do say so myself. Anyway, she just moved to an awesome new salon in the Newport-Mesa area called Desa Salon. Need another adjective? Superb.Um, ya. So check her out. We need to look hot in these shitty times. It's all we have really. Already have a hair dresser? Well Christie is not a hair dresser, she's a hair MAGICIAN. Yes. She is.Book now before she becomes famous and is too good for you […] Read More

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