Vroom Vroom!

Love them or hate them, Prada's latest runway shoes definitely make a statement. "I like classic cars." That or "Look at my fancy ass Prada runway shoes. Neener neener neeeeeener!"  Either way, they've grown on me since I started writing this post. First reaction? These are hideous! Especially the first pair. Yikes are we back in the 90's where I customized my flair legged Jnco jeans with flames going up the legs?? (true story) No thank you.But now I'm seeing them as definite art pieces. They're pretty amazing (except the first one that I still hate) I love the brake lights on the back.  The chrome heels... […] Read More

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Shoes At the Museum

We had a little down time in London and decided to pop into the British Museum before the shops opened. I, of course, was interested in the shoes... So I scoped them out.The Ancient Egyptians seemed to favor the thong sandal. Is it just me or does this look totally phallic? Long and skinny. HAHAMaybe they had such long flat feet 'cause they didn't have proper arch support?They painted their yucky sarcophagus (mummy holders) really beautifully, including details like bejeweled sandals.They even included the soles of the shoes on the bottom. I think footwear has always been important... even before taste was invented.Cleopatra was there!!She looked frumpier […] Read More

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These Shoes Give Me a Bone-er

Get it? Bones? Boner? haha. I crack myself up.Anyway! So I first saw these amazing shoes on the runway in Milan and it was love at first sight. The second I saw them I wrote frantic emails to the DSquared showroom asking if these ridiculous shoes would actually go into production. I thought for sure they would only be show pieces and knew I had to get my hands on a pair either way.I was surprised to hear that they would, in fact, be made in several different styles. Sign me up!Though I can't blog while I'm in China (they block blogger) I can check […] Read More

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Off to the Office…

First of all- I must thank poladroid cause I freaking love these polaroid looking pics! Woo hoo.So I woke up this morning feeling extra sassy. I love this new top I got off Revolve by Hellz, which I stumbled upon on accident. Also, my new JBrands with zippers! Sass-ayyy.I guess I've been feeling like I need to spread the love around lately. These shoes got a lot of press for being supposedly uncomfortable and impossible to walk in. They are neither. For whatever reason, they're really not that weird feeling when walking. Plus, I love the confused looks of people watching them walk by. ;)I'm […] Read More

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McQueen Goes Extra Terrestrial

So I don't usually comment on fashion week or runway shows because, frankly, there are TONS of amazing fashion blogs that would do a better job than I. (Well Shod Well Informed, Style Bubble, Style Rookie, and Bryanboy to name a few)But... BUT... this collection is just too amazing to keep my mouth shut about. The whole fashion world is abuzz with talk of how amazing McQueen looked in Paris.I love how shockingly different this is. It's such a beautiful contrast to all the "safe" collections we have seen this season.I can't help but wonder if these shoes were inspired by HR Geiger, because that's […] Read More

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