Shoe Regrets…

Do you guys ever have shoe regret? I don't mean shoe remorse where you buy a pair and then you're like, why the eff did I buy that effing shoe? I mean when you see an amazing shoe and you don't buy it for one reason or another and then it sells out and you're like, why the eff didn't I buy that effing shoe?Well kids, yesterday I scored a major victory against shoe regret. I purchased one of the shoes on my list! Yes, I have a list. Wanna see it? Well here's the abridged version ;)The sweetest shoe I've ever seen? Probably. Luella […] Read More

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New Shoes, New Me?

Ok so you know it's hard to have a personal blog without getting personal.I've said it before but I just want to reiterate... I am not myself right now. Going through a divorce, whether it's your choice or not, is fucking hard. Harder than I could have imagined. There are so many things I never considered, including that this is one of the biggest tests of true friendship I'd ever witness. It's hard to lose your partner and some of your friends at the same time. It's hard to hear people's negative opinions on what you feel is the right thing to do.Anyway, you get […] Read More

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So I have to express my pissed off-ness on this issue. I hate to be a brat but I'm really annoyed.Last year, for my Harajuku Fall 09 collection I made a creeper and creeper boot, which I thought were awesome and I really truly loved. Well, low and behold amazing fashion blogggers like Rumi at fashiontoast and Susie at Style Bubble (here and here) are wearing similar styles. WHY does this piss me off? Well, because my freaking salesmen dropped the shoes because they didn't "get" them. They had no idea where I was coming from so they just didn't bother. SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!creeper bootcreeperThe upside is that Gwen […] Read More

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I Think I’m Feelin’ Creepers…

No, this isn't another April fools joke. It's just that sometimes I get these feelings about trends. Sometimes I feel like they come out of nowhere, and sometimes I know they enter my brain subconsciously from all the shopping and research I do. THIS trend however... well, I'm just not sure.I know that Creepers showed up in men's ready to wear recently, but I don't think I saw them on women. I dunno, even looking at the picture above I can't help but think "hmmmm, I dunno" but a bigger part of me is saying YES! Maybe it comes from the men's oxford trend that I […] Read More

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