Pierre Hardy Wedges

I'm more than slightly obsessed with Pierre Hardy's wedge offerings this Spring/Summer.  These are SO cool! I of course love the pink and orange striped ones too. So girly and flirty! They remind me of old fashion candy. Yummy!I think a big reason that I love them so much is the extreme height on these babies. That's how you make wedges sexy […] Read More

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Over the River and Through the Woods…

To Grandmother's House We Go! Ok, not really. I mean, we live by the beach and my g-ma is about 10 minutes away. But you know what I mean.Today I took my Grandma to lunch. My Grandma is a super stylish French-Moroccan who is always up on the latest designers and trends. In fact- she gave me a stack of magazine tears today, which is so beyond cute... I mean, I told her I wanted to hire her as my assistant! She pulls some really great stuff from all her Parisian mags. ANYWAY- so lunch with Granny means no slacking off in the outfit department. […] Read More

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Pleasantly Peasant-y

Off to my Harajuku Lovers meeting today...I was told that I looked like a hippie, a pilgrim, and a slutty grandma today. Whatever, I liked it.Love these Louboutin espadrille bottom wedge boots. So comfy and versatile. These will take me all the way through Spring. They're a great slouchy canvas and I'm wearing them here with my Betsey Johnson OTK socks.Slutty G-ma Hippie Pilgrim dance!!!(dress- Piko 1988, boots- Louboutin, socks- Betsey Johnson, belt- Urban Outfitters) […] Read More

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My Great Find

Lookie what I found on sale! Yay! I've always loved these Stella McCartney espadrille wedges, but when I saw them on final sale at Intermix I had to get them! They are so feminine and flirty. Perfect Summer shoes.While I was in LA I got this tattoo too! Do you guys like it!?! It's a "Holy Cupcake".:)...gotcha! I'm totally kidding. I doodled that on my leg while I was sitting in the back seat of my friend's car on our way to LA. Did you believe me? I do love cupcakes though […] Read More

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So Cute!

So check out these adorable canvas wedges by Castaner! They're so cute and right for Summer. I was so excited when I saw these because I actually went to shoe design school in Milan with the guy who's father started the company. Castaner is their family name, and the guy I went to school with, Rafael, was studying design in order to carry on the family business. How cool is that!?Castaner has been credited as the company responsible for bringing the espadrille to fashion. In the mid-sixties YSL featured a pair of Castaner's high heeled espadrilles on their runway. Before that, espadrilles were considered a […] Read More

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