I Heart Japan

Listen, I just want to touch on the subject REALLY quickly because a reader asked why I hadn't yet, and said that I may come off as materialistic and someone who doesn't care about it.The reason I haven't done a post on Japan is because 1. This is shoe blog that I try to keep light and not at all too serious, and 2. Because I am traumatized. Seriously.I don't mean to sound stupid or naive but I am super sensitive. I can't even watch the news because when I do I cry and sob and am an instant hot mess. I can't watch scary […] Read More

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Thanks to Rumi over at Fashion Toast for the heads up! I know lots of you have asked about my Balenciaga wanna-be's- and there are a few on ebay right now!!Check it out!Good luck- I hope you find your size. :) […] Read More

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Guess Where I DIDN’T Go Yesterday…

To the private sale at Christian Louboutin. *pout*I am being so good it's stupid. I really need to cut back on the almost $1000 a pair shoe habit I've got and I've been pretty good. The last pair of shoes I bought were those Jinny Kim boots that I returned 'cause they turned out to be heinous in person.So anyway- my lovely sales person Patrick called to make an appointment for me to come in for the sale and I was going to go with my friend Heidi (she's the only friend I know who can keep up with my shopping habits) but she couldn't make […] Read More

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