Behind the Scenes…Photo Shoe-t

I know, I know. Almost a month without posting, I totally suck. I hope you follow my Tumblr because I update that almost daily. It's so convenient. It's been 10 months and this divorce thing is still really affecting me. I don't know why but I find it hard to do the things I used to love to do. Blogging included. BUT... this isn't a therapy session its a muthafuggin shoe blog so let's get to it!This last Friday we shot for the new Fall 2012 Cece L'amour and Penny Loves Kenny lines. IT WAS SO AWESOME!! We had a really great team of super talented […] Read More

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One Last Flat Post (For a While)

HELLO!! I've been in Mexico with my hunny bunny celebrating our anniversary so sorry for the silence. I'm back and excited for my spine shoes that are coming in any day now. They got stuck in customs but will hopefully be here Saturday. Fingers crossed!! I have the Emmys Saturday too so I'd like to have the option to wear them just in case I feel like being ultra fierce and perhaps looking like a tranny.You guys are probably sick of flats so I promise I wont post flats for a while after today. You gotta admit these are pretty great though. Do I look […] Read More

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Flats are Shoes Too.

I know this is my life in heels and not my life in flats, but let's get real... certain occasions call for flats. Example? A birthday bbq!I went shopping specifically to find some flats and knew I'd find something great on sale since all these crazy retailers have their Summer stuff on sale... EVEN THOUGH Summer has barely started. I will never understand that, but that's a whole different post.(nail color= Jazz by Essie)I found these at Chloe and fell in love. They are my idea of a perfect Summer sandal. Soft buttery leather, the perfect shade of tobacco, and super comfortable too. The fact […] Read More

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JLO… Your Song Sucks.

I am sorry but WTF? JLO's new single that says "I'm throwin on my Louboutins" over and over again is SO annoying. Eww. Apparently She fell on her ass during her AMA performance but they edited it out on the broadcast. Lame. You can see it HERE. Pretty funny.She wore flats through most of the song and then changed into her... yes... LOUBOUTIN'S for the last 30 seconds.Great.Whatever, I had to vent […] Read More

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My Argument for Pure Stupidity.

Ok, so I'm sure that when you see this Lanvin flat you're not like- OH! I have to have it! It's so different and special! But... I'm here to make an argument for it's case. I'm not the kinda girl you'll see in a pair of flip flops unless I've just come from getting a pedi. In California, they're worn all year long, all over. Not just to the beach, but to dinner and even bars. I hate them and I think they look sloppy and very "un-shoe girl". Please don't get me wrong, I know many, if not most of you live in your […] Read More

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