Interview in Footwear Plus Magazine

I'm featured in Footwear Plus this month!! It's always so weird to see myself in a magazine... never stops feeling surreal! This article is really great. Too kind really. Here's a close up (click to make larger) or go to Footwear Plus and check out the current issue! There's a little shout out to you guys in there. I'm so glad the interviewer included it. :)I'm going into the office today and will see about posting some photos of the collection! I'm excited to share with you guys. I also need to see about tracking down some photos of the launch party. There was pink champagne and […] Read More

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Family Matters

This month my amazing friend/co-worker/sisterfromanothermother Jess and I were interviewed by Footwear Plus Magazine. It's a cool article- you should check it out. You can read it by CLICKING HERE and going to "current issue" then go to page 18. Unless you have super human vision... in that case, here you go. Read it here....I've told you guys about Jess before and I've asked her to be a contributor to this blog but she's kinda shy ;) Jess and I have been friends since we we can remember and now have the amazing privilege of working together and being married to two amazing dudes that genuinely […] Read More

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