Quick and Easy- Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

I get so many messages about what I feed James and how I have the time or energy to feed him the way I do... but the truth is, a lot of times I need quick and easy meals that are at least mostly healthy. I try not to give him empty calories while giving him a variety of foods. I make an effort to only buy him organic non GMO food, but I'm not an insane person about it. If we're out and I need to feed him lunch I'll try to order as healthy a meal as I can- usually avoiding the kids menu […] Read More

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Oh Miss Katy…

So I'm not a huge fan of awards shows. I sometimes watch the pre shows to see what everyone's wearing, but that's usually it. For whatever reason I found myself watching the Grammy's while Rock of Love Tour Bus was on commercial. Yes, I love trashy TV- so what?I was a little disappointed in Katy Perry. I think she's super cute and her songs are catchy enough. Her performance last night though, was as flat as her shoes. Her voice sounded not too good, but sadder than that was the fact that she was wearing some pretty boring shoes. I guess I just feel like if you're a […] Read More

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