Louis Vuitton Gets a Case of the Fugs

What. The. Fug?Although the overall look is pretty cool, these shoes are a disaster. Who wants their feel to look 12 feet long?? I'm all for a sexy pointy toe, but super elongated pointed toes are never EVER flattering. Especially when paired with a little kitten heel. (Side note- the word "kitten heel" makes my skin crawl)Anyone up for some waterskiing? Yikes!What do you think??XOX […] Read More

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Are You Making Fun of Me?

You guys. Is it just me or do you feel like sometimes we're being tricked? Or tested? Like we're being made fun of! I feel like some designers are getting together (I'm thinking of that scene in Zoolander where all the fashion bad guys are conference calling) saying "Let's make some nasty ass shoes and see how many people will buy them! Bwahahaha!!" Well, I'm on to you! And I'm not buyin.Listen I'm not saying I'm the best designer ever and that I don't make shoes that some people find ugly, but these just look intentionally ugly. Am I wrong?? Excuse me. I think I'm gonna be […] Read More

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Impatiently Waiting for Miu Miu

EVERY DAY I've been checking Vogue.com to see if the latest Miu Miu runway collection had been posted yet. Miu Miu is my current favorite as far as shoes go and I haven't been disappointed... until... today.OH WHY MIUCCIA!? WHY?? Not so bad you say? It gets worse. ????I'm sorry and I HATE saying negative things about a designer I respect SO much and look up to immensely but I just don't have any positives here. I don't like the shape, the colors, the details.... I'm so confused!These ones are the worst! Putty/tan/beige??? A MULE??? Oh say it isn't so!Nobody asked you Sven.I need a moment. Am […] Read More

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Damn You Crocs.

I hate to have such a negative Friday so this wont be my last post of the day, but DAMN YOU CROCS! You've officially crossed the line. And damn you too, Hello Kitty. I thought you had higher standards.Tisk tisk. I am so ashamed […] Read More

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Ok so ya, this is old news but since I have yet to address it... it's still news on this here blog. What is up with Marc Jacobs and his effed up ads. Does this make you want to buy his product? Cause I personally love the MJ, but his ads... not so much. He might as well not put any ads out, right? It's not even like his ads are avant garde or controversial. They're just riding along on the fug train. I dunno, what do you guys think […] Read More

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