It’s Officially Official… I’m a Shoe Hoarder

Thank you SO much to the Nine West Channel Nine team for featuring me on their site! What a fun day of shooting :)You can see a little bit of my apartment too, which I love. I can't believe I've been here a YEAR already.Anyway- Check out the other girls too! I'm glad to know there are other shoe hoarders out there ;) Though from the looks of it, my sickness is the worst of all of them. Hahaha […] Read More

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Are You Serious?

I thought you may find this funny. A $5,810.00 shoe brought to you by the world famous rapper singer microphone stealer designer, Kanye West.Designed with Giuseppe Zanotti... you can buy it here. Though I don't know why you would.The detailed work is beautiful, don't get me wrong. There are just so many other shoes I'd rather buy than this mummy inspired shoe for that insane price. XOX,  […] Read More

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Sunday Funday!

Here are some random funny shots. Never take fashion too seriously... It's clear these people don't.Crazy Toes McGee strikes again at Pucci!I like to imagine that he's the rebel toe. "I refuse to conform, man. I won't be stuck within these confines!"So tuff. fogged upMargiela showcasing the garment bag trend. (notice the sweaty pits)Rick Owens paying tribute to the Sydney Opera House OR an RV awning?Issey Miyake likes the diaper trend too. He just likes it on your head.I love Jeremy Scott's ability to have fun with fashion!Sometimes it results in pure magic. These shoes are SO cute and fun :) Adorbs.Hope you're having a good weekend! XOX,  […] Read More

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Diapers Rule!

Yep. You read correctly... diapers rule. Well, they're ruling the runways at least. And maybe when I say diaper I really mean these shorts that kinda look like a slightly more flattering version of adult diapers.If I was a really dedicated blogger I'd go buy a pair of Depends and model them for you for a compare and contrast. It's bad enough googling "women's adult diaper" You see some freaky stuff.Anyway- see what I mean.... (Dolce & Gabbana) (Dolce & Gabbana)  (Dolce & Gabbana)(Jason Wu) (Balenciaga)(Balenciaga)(Prada)(Marc by Marc Jacobs)(I'm Just Sayin...) […] Read More

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I Love Lanvin!

And here's another reason to. Their most recent ad campaign is so great...And here's one that someone remade which I find VERY funny!Lanvin Fall 2011 Campaign Video from STEAMCLAM on Vimeo.Lanvin x Slipknot? Really??Haha I looooove when designers, especially really well respected ones, don't take themselves too seriously. It's so refreshing. Their last few campaigns have been really cheeky and I love it.Some Lanvin favorites of mine:My Christmas party dress from last year. I mean look how excited I look in it. Like I might kidnap a baby!(Lanvin x H&M, shoes- Louboutin)Headless limbless model looks less crazy.These flats that I STILL wear even though this […] Read More

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