What do YOU Think?

Yes or No?This whole jelly craze may be getting out of hand. I'm ok with some of the cute jelly flats and heels by Melissa like these-But I just can't get into the weirder versions like these jelly boots by Givenchy. Eww.But what do YOU think […] Read More

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What the FUG?!?

Ok, back on the Negative Nancy train. These are for sure the most hideous things I've seen in at least... oh... 5 or 6 hours. (lots of not so hot samples came in the office today)Anyway. Total hideosity. When I think of Givenchy I think of sexy, fashion forward footwear. Um... not so much with these things. First off, I hate jellies whether or not they are a kick ass designer brand. They need to go away. They look like some manly shower shoes that escaped from some gay men's day spa. I don't see how these are supposed to be fashionable. Am I alone here?? […] Read More

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