The World Needs Sophia Webster

I'm not going to totally get into why I stopped blogging for as long as I did, but I will say that the failure of my own line had something to do with it. I can't explain to you the feeling of getting your own shoe line, and being SO excited about it, only to have it taken away from you. It was devastating and to be honest, a little embarrassing. Those of you who followed my blog before know that I loved making girly fun shoes. Working with Betsey Johnson as her shoe designer was one of the best experiences of my life. It was […] Read More

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Spring Fever!

Spring is coming I can feel it! And thanks to a few of my favorite runway items... I can see it too! I am so happy and lucky to have my two favorite Spring runway shoes (posts comingsoon!!) and one of my favorite Spring accessories. This pink collar by Miu Miu is so dang cute I just had to! I can't afford a whole top form Miu Miu so I figured if I at least got the collar it would bring some Miu Miu runway to every outfit!! Add a cotton candy lollipop and a matching pink hair clip in and I've officially got Spring […] Read More

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When Water Attacks!

STORM WATCH 2010!Stupid rain. It was only sprinkling when I got dressed and I felt like a smart ass when I pulled these shoes out. "I'll put on my rain pumps" I chuckled to myself...Good traction on these babies. Talk about non-slip, right?Then came the rain...Time for a little change of clothes.I love any excuse to wear my Harajuku Lovers Rain boots. I hardly ever wear shoes I designed because for some reason it feels pretty cheesy, but these are so cute and technically I didn't "design" them cause kick ass Jolie designed the print on them.ANYWAY...I guess the rain isn't so bad as long […] Read More

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Running Around

Lots of errands today! I just stole these shoes from our editorial closet at the office yesterday- New Harajuku Lovers mary janes! I don't think they're out yet but I'll let you know when they are. :)Anyway- if you hadn't noticed a trend with my wardrobe lately, take a peek. Am I becoming BORING and PREDICTABLE? Oh no! Look- I'm wearing like, the same outfit everyday? Weird. I'm obsessed with these skirts though. Thank you Brass Plum. Skirts and Summer. It just makes sense. SIDE NOTE! These Harajuku Lovers flats are on sale at! I love them and might actually BUY them because I […] Read More

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Strap Me Up!

I'm not even going to pretend like every single time I have a meeting with Gwen I just act like it's a normal whatever thing. Like I just roll out of bed and throw on whatever... but that's how it's gotta look, right? hahahahaI mean, I can't look like I try too hard, right?(skirt and tank- BP, necklace- Intermix, shoes- Louboutin, bag- Balenciaga)So this morning I woke up early and after 8 or 9 things, I ended up with the 2nd thing I had on. This. Boring you say? Pish posh. It's casual yet stylish, no? It says "hey, I just threw this little ditty […] Read More

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