Delema: WTF Do I Wear??

Ok, I have about an hour to make a decision here and I'd LOVE your help! QUICK!Tonight I'm going to a big ol cocktail party hosted by Adrienne Maloof and I can't decide what to wear!! Here are my options:This dress is amazing! By Phillip Lim... They look like matte sequins but they are LEATHER!! SO cool!I love the sleeve detail […] Read More

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What’s Going On??

"Where has she disappeared to this time?" you may be asking yourself. Well, there's a few things, first being my laptop was stolen and I lost ALL of my photos files and info."But you must have a backup!?" well, no. No I don't.So new laptop, new start I suppose. Such a bummer. But on to the good news that I'm finally allowed to share!! I hinted to a new line with a super mega celeb a few months ago and I still can't reveal who she is (dangit!!) but I ended up passing on that project anyway. Why? Well for what may be the most […] Read More

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Fashion Emergency!!

It's time! I'm going to the Emmys tomorrow and still don't know what I'm going to wear. I need your help PLEASE!The Contenders:The Shoes- Miu Miu FendiLouboutinDsquaredI know, I know. It's obvious which shoes FREAKING RULE here but now consider...The Dresses-*DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the photos. No makeup... my hair isn't "done" and I am in a huge hurry to get your input so these are just to give you a general idea. K thanks! haha […] Read More

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