Ok, So I’m a Hypocrite…

So what. I never thought I'd EVER be into a stretch boot... I mean, EVER. But whadda know? I found one- the only one- I love. This is the Jil Sander boot that I was talking about. I got them for 80% off at Jeffery and they are absolutely the sluttiest/sexiest things I own. Hahaha!I have to tell you my embarrassing story though!I knew I shouldn't have, but I wore them out to dinner one night in NY. I figured I'd be ok since we were taking cabs.For some reason, I think we were trying to catch a cab, I was out in the street […] Read More

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My Happiest Grey

So I'm pissed 'cause I can't find my tripod anywhere!! So bare with me- these photobooth shots will have to do for now.I just sold my soul for my very first pair of Christian Louboutin boots. They were WAY too expensive but I just had to have them... I LOVE them! Like, I might have to sleep in them so I don't have to take them off. I've been wearing them all day even though it's too hot and my feel are burning from how high they are. Still, they're the best boots and I love them.(top- Joie, jeans- JBrand, boots- Christian Louboutin) […] Read More

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So it's no newsflash that over the knee boots are the SHIT this fall, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you from every price! :)This super chic (and surprisingly cheap) version from Chinese Laundry was an instant hit when worn on Gossip Girl last year! They sold out practically the day after the episode aired. At under $100, I'm not surprised. There are tons of look-alikes on sites like zappos and heels.comJane of Sea of Shoes has been wearing these CO-OP boots lately and I really dig them! They'll cost you about $750 which is a good chunk of […] Read More

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Good News!

I know a lot of you missed the boat on these Sam Edelman boots. You know- the Balenciaga knockoffs. Well, I guess they made some more! You can find them HERE and HERE.Unfortunately, they are overpriced IMO, (about $200 more than the original price I got them for) but if you really want them- here's your chance. Get them while they last! As you can see, they look pretty much exactly like the real deal...***UPDATE***Heels.com is going to get them too!! My advice would be to wait and see what their price will be. I've never heard of either of the other two sites so […] Read More

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Gettin My Boot on

Hello! I was unusually excited to wake up to an overcast sky today. Why? Well, because I knew I could finally wear my new Chloé boots! Yippee!These are my first pair of thigh high boots and I adore them. I always thought these kind of boots looked slutty and very Pretty Woman, but these for some reason are more sexy than slutty. More sleek than skank. They also fold down nicely for an over the knee look.The leather is super soft and buttery and there is a gold accent on the inside of the heel. LOVE them.I got them at Intermix and I can't find […] Read More

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