Confession of a Shoe Girl…

Are you guys totally over me? I haven't been blogging a lot recently because of a few reasons. I don't flatter myself thinking you guys are all depressed that I'm not posting but I have gotten some tweets and emails asking why... so, I'll be frank.There are a few reasons. One being that my readership has gone down every month since December so I feel like I'm doing something wrong but don't know what. Some of you say it's cause I'm posting less but that's because I'm busier than ever working on 4 shoe lines at once (I'm the only designer for 2 brands and […] Read More

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Me on Your TV?

Yep- that was me! Thanks to everyone who emailed, texted, and Facebooked me last night to tell me they thought they saw me on TV. I was out to dinner with our friends the Walkers, when both Christie's and my cell phone starting blowing up at about 8:10pm (Christie was with me at the taping).I just got around to watching it and I am somewhere between embarrassed and excited. Probably embarrassed that I'm excited...Here is the first shot of Christie and I... I was surprised to see myself on TV for a good solid 4 seconds (14 minutes and 56 seconds to go?) looking bored […] Read More

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Better Late Than Never…

So I feel like a bit of a douche because I am SO late on this. I'm supposed to be your "insider" and I totally forgot to write about this! Shame on me.Anyway, some of you may have heard that the company I work for, Titan Industries, is re-launching the Charles Jourdan brand. We launched the shoes this last show to a pretty good response, though honestly- not what we hoped for. There are some REALLY great shoes but overall it wasn't what the launch should have been. Luckily though, they've taken action already and hired a new designer! Now THAT my friends, is inside information […] Read More

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I know you guys are waiting to hear about my dinner with Christian Louboutin, but I promise I'll tell you all about it AND about today- tomorrow.:)sorry you guys […] Read More

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