Quick and Easy- Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

I get so many messages about what I feed James and how I have the time or energy to feed him the way I do... but the truth is, a lot of times I need quick and easy meals that are at least mostly healthy. I try not to give him empty calories while giving him a variety of foods. I make an effort to only buy him organic non GMO food, but I'm not an insane person about it. If we're out and I need to feed him lunch I'll try to order as healthy a meal as I can- usually avoiding the kids menu […] Read More

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Morocco’s Inspiration

Hello friends! If you follow my Tumblr or Instagram you know I've been in Marrakech the past 2 weeks :) I was really inspired by some things I saw around town and in the market and wanted to share...The Marrakech airport is so beautiful... So much color and rich detail. It's so awesome to think that this is half of my heritage. But as beautiful as the city is, there is also so much poverty and it's so awesome to realize that my dad came from a small town in Morocco and built this amazing company I now work for.Anyway, let's see if any of these […] Read More

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I've been lacking inspiration lately so I thought I'd share my mood boards for Cece L'amour with you incase you're feeling equally uninspired. This will give you an idea of what's to come...I'm hoping that I can post photos of the actual shoes by tomorrow so stay tuned!!xoxo […] Read More

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Oh Kirkwood…

First, he shows us these for Spring...I love these. Everything about these. (a mere $2153.70 HERE)And then there are these for Fall. (jak and jil blog)In the words of Rachel Zoe... I die.I'm dead. I died.I love these a lot. A LOT.I love Kirkwood a lot. A really lot lot.I love how these heels look like carved soap or ivory. Well, not so much ivory cause that would be pretty terrible. Not clubbing baby seals terrible but... you know. I like elephants a lot. All animals really. Well, not sharks but I don't want to KILL them either. Unless they kill people then go ahead.Deep […] Read More

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Good morning friends!! ;)I'm up late working/sketching/tweeting and I came across THIS!Bebe has a very Balmain inspired leather jacket for a LOT less than the real deal. And unfortunately, a lot less than I got mine for. Oh well. I actually love the bebe one- it's a lot less aggressive in the shoulder padding and if you wanted a little DIY project you could add the little dangly thingies yourself ;)The Balmain jacket (HERE at Luisaviaroma) will set you back almost $10,000... yikes.While the bebe jacket (HERE on bebe.com) is yours for under $200!Is it just me or does the leather actually look better on […] Read More

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