Where Am I?

If you saw the latest runway shows in Paris last week you might think we'd time warped into the 70s. Chunky heels and platforms, funky shapes and colors, and clashes of pattens all over! Burn your bras and drop some acid. Well, no, don't do that.But do check out these styles from Miu Miu...And Louis Vuitton...And Prada of courseWhat do you think?? Groovy? I'm personally not digging them. I prefer the silhouettes shown last season with nods to the 50's and 60's. More feminine delicate shapes.Though I will say that I'm glad to see more platforms on the runway again. New York fashion week would […] Read More

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100 Days Later

Listen I know this is a fun, light hearted blog but I want to remind you really quick that it's been 100 days since the triple disaster in Japan and they still need help. If you haven't already, please take a minute to check out what you can do to help. Or don't.... I just want to put it out there.Click HERE to get some great links.love […] Read More

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I Heart Japan

Listen, I just want to touch on the subject REALLY quickly because a reader asked why I hadn't yet, and said that I may come off as materialistic and someone who doesn't care about it.The reason I haven't done a post on Japan is because 1. This is shoe blog that I try to keep light and not at all too serious, and 2. Because I am traumatized. Seriously.I don't mean to sound stupid or naive but I am super sensitive. I can't even watch the news because when I do I cry and sob and am an instant hot mess. I can't watch scary […] Read More

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