If I Was A Boy

I felt like I looked like my husband this morning when I got dressed. Well, except the shoes of course ;) Ben rolls his skinny jeans up and loves his flannel shirts ;)(top- Alex Lehr, jeans- JBrand, glasses- Norma Kamali, asterisk ring- Wendy Brandes, shoes- Jeffrey Campbell)These Jeffrey Campbell Litas (SoleStruck.com) are ridiculously comfortable. I love finding heels like that because then even when I want to be comfy I don't necessarily have to wear flats.It's funny how sometimes the lower priced shoes are the most comfortable. Maybe it's because European lasts are so much narrower? Whatever it is, its effed up. More money should mean […] Read More

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Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Sooooo I'm not going to go into how I got this bag exactly, but I was really excited to get hooked up with it. It's Givenchy and it's way out of my price range. The leather is amazing- the picture doesn't really do it justice.I think I've posted these old boots before but I still love them. They're Betsey Johnson from at least 3 years ago... I really like how the boots bend into my jeans, and I love their classic vintage shape.(top- F21, jeans- JBrand, boots- Betsey Johnson, bag- Givenchy) […] Read More

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Off to the Office…

First of all- I must thank poladroid cause I freaking love these polaroid looking pics! Woo hoo.So I woke up this morning feeling extra sassy. I love this new top I got off Revolve by Hellz, which I stumbled upon on accident. Also, my new JBrands with zippers! Sass-ayyy.I guess I've been feeling like I need to spread the love around lately. These shoes got a lot of press for being supposedly uncomfortable and impossible to walk in. They are neither. For whatever reason, they're really not that weird feeling when walking. Plus, I love the confused looks of people watching them walk by. ;)I'm […] Read More

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My Happiest Grey

So I'm pissed 'cause I can't find my tripod anywhere!! So bare with me- these photobooth shots will have to do for now.I just sold my soul for my very first pair of Christian Louboutin boots. They were WAY too expensive but I just had to have them... I LOVE them! Like, I might have to sleep in them so I don't have to take them off. I've been wearing them all day even though it's too hot and my feel are burning from how high they are. Still, they're the best boots and I love them.(top- Joie, jeans- JBrand, boots- Christian Louboutin) […] Read More

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I ♥ NY

It's so beautiful in New York today!Slightly overcast- moving into Fall but not cold... perfect sweatshirt/leather jacket weather! God, I love this city. If I could have a do-over I'd have come here instead of San Francisco for design school. Anyway...I am totally loving this Giles and Bros chain necklace! I got it at Intermix and I try to wear it whenever possible even though I always feel a little but like Mr. T ;)NY = lots of walking. These are some of my favorite boots for walking and being comfortable. They're Miu Miu from a few years ago.(sweatshirt- Urban Outfitters, jeans- JBrand, shoes- Miu […] Read More

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