Oops… You Stole That.

The only difference is the buttons. Oh, and the quality. Oops...Original, PradaCopy Cat, Mojo Moxy (HERE)XOX […] Read More

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Oops, You Stole That.

I know, I know. 3 days in a row. I'm trying! ;)Since I USED to post knockoffs and my opinions of them, and then get a ton of crap for it via bitchy comments... I'm going to keep it short and sweet."Oops, you stole that."Original, Rupert SandersonCopy Cat, Not Rated (here)Tisk tisk […] Read More

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WOAH. So my last post got crazy in the comment section. Somebody posted some nasty things and then pretended to post as other people not knowing that I can see that they are posting from the same IP address just using different names. Oops.Anyway- one commenter asked a valid question and I'd like to address it. She asked me how I could say that my new Cece L'amour shoe wasn't a rip-off a Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoe.The photo in question:And the CSxOC shoe:Yes, they look similar but you need to realize that simple shoes often look alike. It's a wood bottom shoe with a two […] Read More

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Knock it Off!

I've got shoe beef. Let me preface this post by saying that I think Jeffrey Campbell is killing it. His shoes are often the biggest trending shoes out there and he obviously has a great eye. I practically live in my Litas and that's saying a lot. You guys KNOW about my shoe collection. hahaThat being said, I do have beef with these cheesy blatant knockoffs. Knockoffs bug me sometimes, while other times I don't think it's that big of a deal. I get that people want designer inspired styles for less. The Litas are actually "interpretations" of an amazing designer shoe and like I said, […] Read More

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Good News!

I know a lot of you missed the boat on these Sam Edelman boots. You know- the Balenciaga knockoffs. Well, I guess they made some more! You can find them HERE and HERE.Unfortunately, they are overpriced IMO, (about $200 more than the original price I got them for) but if you really want them- here's your chance. Get them while they last! As you can see, they look pretty much exactly like the real deal...***UPDATE***Heels.com is going to get them too!! My advice would be to wait and see what their price will be. I've never heard of either of the other two sites so […] Read More

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