I was just perusing through when I saw these two similar yet totally different leopard pumps. Every girl needs a great leopard shoe (or two or three) in her closet and I need your help!I'm LOVING this pretty little leopard with a bow on top! It's by Anastasia Bice and it's pretty perfect. I love the sexy yet girly shape... too cute! A Tiffany blue bow?? I'll take it!Now slightly edgier, and more sexy than sweet, is this leopard pump from Vivienne Westwood...Let's play Which One Should the Shoe Girl Get! Ready... GO […] Read More

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These Shoes Give Me a Bone-er

Get it? Bones? Boner? haha. I crack myself up.Anyway! So I first saw these amazing shoes on the runway in Milan and it was love at first sight. The second I saw them I wrote frantic emails to the DSquared showroom asking if these ridiculous shoes would actually go into production. I thought for sure they would only be show pieces and knew I had to get my hands on a pair either way.I was surprised to hear that they would, in fact, be made in several different styles. Sign me up!Though I can't blog while I'm in China (they block blogger) I can check […] Read More

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Skeleton Arm and a Leg

OMG. When I blogged about that amazing piece yesterday I had NO idea it could ever cost so much!Thanks to reader Amanda for sending me the link to this:First of all- It's even more beautiful than I originally thought. It's amazing! But still, at an almost $30,000 I can't even imagine ever owning it.It does however, make this amazing (100% more wearable) skull and bone themed necklace by Wendy Brandes seem much more attainable! I WILL own this someday. I will I will...~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~Oh wait... what's that you say? Import fees and shipping are INCLUDED in the price???Well then, that's a different story! How […] Read More

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These Giambattista Valli's are sick in the head. Like, seriously could they be hotter? Um, no- I'm thinking not.I loved those florescent shoes he did that the Olsen trolls were trotting around in last year, and these are a great follow up! I love the height of the platform in front, and how its smaller than the rest of the forepart.What else do I love about this shoe you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. I love the cream color- I think it's perfect. I love the dark brown platform with the cream. I love the pitch of the shoe and how it looks devastatingly […] Read More

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