How to turn dinner leftovers into a delicious breakfast!

  Ok so I know this sounds kind of insane but you HAVE to trust me on this one. You can make amazingly yummy and super nutritious pancakes out of your leftover spaghetti squash. They're SO good. I personally like them better than James' famous blueberry banana pancakes because these feel more like "real" pancakes to me and they don't have that banana flavor that I'm not always in the mood for. But I digress... In case you're living under a rock, you know that there is this super yummy alternative to pasta that tastes nothing like actual pasta but that looks like spaghetti and actually […] Read More

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Seeing WWDMAGIC In A Whole New Light

 So I've been in the shoe business for... well, ever really- and have attended TONS of shoe shows/ trade shows. I'm usually, however, on the vendor side. That's industry speak for 'I'm with the people slinging the product' (in my case, the shoes). This trip though, I was hired by WWD's Footwear News Magazine to go to the show and blog about my experience and about what I saw happening in and around the FN Platform show.HOW FUN! When you're on the selling side you're working like a dog. You're meeting customer after customer selling them shoes, convincing them that your line is better then the […] Read More

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FN Platform Bloggers

Make sure you check out the Footwear News Blog to see daily posts by me and my fellow bloggers!FNPlatformBlog  […] Read More

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A new post… Almost.

Wow, it's been SO long!!! This feels weird.So I know I promised a revamp but getting it done has proved harder than I thought. But we're close I think and hopefully it'll be worth the wait! Either way I can't wait any longer so we'll have to deal with the old layout for now. ;)Starting tomorrow I'll be an official Footwear News blogger, covering the Las Vegas shoe show, better known as MAGIC, or more specifically- Platform. I'm super excited to bring you coverage from the inside and talk about the different trends I see there.I hope I didn't loose you all in my super […] Read More

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