Are You Making Fun of Me?

You guys. Is it just me or do you feel like sometimes we're being tricked? Or tested? Like we're being made fun of! I feel like some designers are getting together (I'm thinking of that scene in Zoolander where all the fashion bad guys are conference calling) saying "Let's make some nasty ass shoes and see how many people will buy them! Bwahahaha!!" Well, I'm on to you! And I'm not buyin.Listen I'm not saying I'm the best designer ever and that I don't make shoes that some people find ugly, but these just look intentionally ugly. Am I wrong?? Excuse me. I think I'm gonna be […] Read More

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Thank You Dwell Magazine, for Ruining My Sunday…

It's a warm sunny Sunday, and I'm still feeling a little sick. Bummer, but it's still a nice day. I was relaxing on the couch with Benjamin and flipping through our new Dwell, hoping to find some new ideas for the house, when a full page ad caught my eye with the caption "What a Croc!" and I think, ohh! some Croc bashing! ...wrong.The ad goes on to say "It's hard to believe the parents were so ugly, but it's not hard to believe that these might be the most comfortable four-inch heels in history."My hands start shaking and my right eye begins to twitch. "Ben! Oh my […] Read More

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Kill me now. Please.

The two most disgusting forms of footwear had a love child. Allow me to rant for a second...What the EFF are you people thinking? Do you have that much distain for those around you that you just decide one day, "You know... screw it, I'm going to wear what's comfortable, no matter how shitteous I look."? Seriously!!! There are comfortable shoes that don't make you look like you are working in a kitchen or training polar bears. WTF people? The fact that crocs are doing so well makes me sick. The saddest and most egregious offense is when people put crocs on their CHILDREN!!! The […] Read More

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